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Equipment for monitoring and operator control is needed wherever people have to work with machinery and plant performing all kinds of tasks. SIMATIC HMI Panels are always the first choice when it comes to machine-oriented operation and monitoring because they offer the perfect combination of operator devices and engineering software.

The Perfect Combination of SIMATIC HMI Panels and Engineering Software

The following criteria apply when selecting the right operating and monitoring device: It should be future-proof, flexible, integratable into higher-level networks and able to meet ever-increasing transparency and data provision requirements. This is where the three product lines of our SIMATIC HMI Panels come into their own. As HMI hardware, these operator panels are perfect in combination with the appropriate HMI software for machine-oriented operation. This also applies to requirements beyond standard applications.
Basic HMI – Panel based

Basic HMI Panel based

Basic HMI – implementing simple HMI tasks cost-effectively

In simple applications with a limited quantity scale, value for money counts in addition to fast and intuitive operation. Devices in the Basic HMI Panel based series are recommended in this case.
They include the following features:
  • Brilliant display quality and high-power visualization make even the operation of simple machines and equipment much easier thanks to their graphic user interface
  • Turnkey and flexible solutions save you valuable time during installation and engineering
  • The SIMATIC Operator Panels can be easily configured with the WinCC Basic Engineering Software – an attractively priced subset of WinCC (TIA Portal)
Advanced HMI – Panel based

Advanced HMI Panel based

Advanced HMI Panel based – perform challenging HMI tasks effortlessly

If you are looking for a panel-based solution for more demanding applications with larger quantity scales, opt for Advanced HMI.
As a user, you benefit from:
  • Excellent functionality and a wide range of devices and applications, optionally with key or touch operation
  • Stationary as well as mobile solutions
  • Convenient configuration by employing WinCC Comfort (or higher) with a Runtime Module pre-installed on the HMI operator device.
Advanced HMI – PC-based

Advanced HMI PC-based

Advanced HMI PC based – efficient performance of the most demanding and complex HMI tasks

If production places particularly high demands on the quantity and type of information that must be processed and documented, a PC-based system is recommended.
They include the following features:
  • Appropriate options for sufficient storage space, processing power, and data connectivity 
  • The user can either opt for a centralized solution, in which the visualization and PC are a single unit, or for a decentralized solution with an industrial monitor or thin client 
  • No matter which option you choose, SIMATIC HMI Operator Panels are also available for special environmental conditions
Oliver Gerstheimer
Web-based Training

HMI Design Masterclass

Our UX expert Oliver Gerstheimer shows users, designers and software developers what makes a good HMI design – conveniently on the computer and free of charge in our HMI Design Masterclass.

SIMATIC HMI Operator Devices – added value for your industry

Machine-oriented operation and monitoring is more than a wide range of HMI hardware of different sizes and operating philosophies. The concept of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) as well as the complete digitalization of the company are evident at the interface between man and machine or operator and process. SIMATIC HMI Panels offers a solution portfolio that combines all the added values of TIA for greater productivity, efficiency and usability. The WinCC configuration software in the TIA Portal provides exactly the functionality you need for your automation solution.

Added values included

Machine level visualization is much more than just a broad offer of panel hardware with different sizes and operating elements. Totally Integrated Automation and the idea of complete digitalization of the whole enterprise is demonstrated most obvious at the interface of man and machine or operator and process. SIMATIC HMI offers a solution portfolio that includes all the benefits of TIA, providing productivity, efficiency and usability.

Efficient engineering with SIMATIC HMI

Create your visualization faster and easier than ever before. Take advantage of our unique library concept, smart editors, simulation and virtual commissioning. Watch our videos to see how easy it is.

Innovative design and operation with SIMATIC HMI

Innovative operator control objects with dynamic or animated elements straight from the engineering system libraries, a Style Editor for creating screens to match your corporate design and HMI hardware that supports even gesture control or multitouch.
Use visualization to showcase  your machine.

Brilliant HMI devices from SIMATIC HMI

Machine-level visualization with SIMATIC HMI Operator Panels: use the right HMI device for your application.

Reliable protection

Protect your investment, your know-how and ensure reliable operation. Machine safety, information security and investment protection: stay on the safe side with SIMATIC HMI Panels.

Rapid commissioning

Reliable error detection and error analysis during engineering ensures rapid commissioning and minimizes downtimes even in the case of device changes.

Openness with PC-based Automation

Machine-level visualization with SIMATIC HMI Control PC – PC-based openness keeps you and your applications  flexible and independent.


SIMATIC HMI operator devices successfully in use

SIMATIC HMI Panels have proven their value in many different applications in all industrial sectors over many years
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