SIMATIC WinCC Unified Apps enable visualization on Industrial Edge devices

WinCC Unified for Industrial Edge

Visualization for the Industrial Edge environment
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Visualization solutions for the Industrial Edge environment

Leverage the benefits of the Industrial Edge environment in combination with the power of the Unified System – with the Unified applications for Industrial Edge.

Flexibility to realize Edge-based HMI solutions

SIMATIC WinCC Unified technologies allow maximum freedom in the selection of workflow environment. With edge-based applications, engineering, commissioning, and maintenance of globally spread plants get even more efficient as engineering and runtime are installed in parallel.

Visualization in the age of Edge computing

With Industrial Edge the administration of software in machines or plants is easier, more flexible, and more secure.
Therefore, this technology is becoming increasingly important for industrial automation. A variety of apps is already available, focusing on acquisition, preprocessing or analysis of machine or plant data. Data, that needs to be visualized and shared with other systems, too. With the WinCC Unified Apps for Industrial Edge, we want to provide a suitable visualization solution for selected use cases in the coming months. More information will be added on this website, soon.

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