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Intelligent solutions for the future-proof shopfloor

Do you want to increase the productivity of your parts production using machine tools? Operate CNC machines at maximum performance? Optimize CNC job preparation and automate production? Network machines and use the machine tool process data to boost manufacturing productivity? Siemens Machine Tool Systems supports you as a partner in increasing manufacturing efficiency in the best possible way. Thanks to high-performance SINUMERIK CNC systems, technological competence, and expertise in networking and using manufacturing process data.

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Machining technologies

Which machining technologies does SINUMERIK cover?

Whether turning, milling, grinding, additive manufacturing or other technologies – SINUMERIK covers all of these machining technologies from a single source. The mix of different technologies common to many shopfloors can be merged by applying SINUMERIK Operate across the board. Multitasking - combining several different technologies in one machine - is also supported perfectly by SINUMERIK Operate.

Single part and series production

Does SINUMERIK also support single part production?

SINUMERIK is designed for large-scale production on production machinery as well as for the production of special parts in universal machining centers, and for individual parts on cycle-controlled machines.

While large-scale production involves the largely automated processing of orders, single part production requires a CNC machine that is easy to program and operate.

Factory automation

Can machine tools fitted with SINUMERIK be integrated into an automated workpiece flow?

Thanks to the SIMATIC PLC integrated in the SINUMERIK, machine tools can be easily incorporated into the factory automation system. If automated cells are required, SINUMERIK makes it easy to integrate handling and machining robots.

Networking manufacturing resources

How can machining resources be managed centrally?

Manage MyResources provides factory-wide tool and NC program management. This makes it possible to network resources and benefit from a centralized management of process and production data.

CNC programming on the PC

What are the benefits of digital twins in CNC job preparation?

Based on digital twins, CNC programs can be created, tested and run in offline. The SINUMERIK digital twin in CNC job preparation makes the creation of CNC programs even more efficient. The machines are thus protected in the best possible way and optimally utilized.

How can quality management costs be reduced?

Quality management in CNC production

Costs, risk and effort in quality management in CNC manufacturing can be reduced, if you determine during the machining process whether a quality inspection is useful or not. For example, by continuously monitoring the machining data, by optically monitoring the workpiece or detecting tool wear, or by visually analyzing and optimizing the machining process.

Benefits at a glance

What do our CNCs accomplish in your production?

As the command center of your machine tools, SINUMERIK offers many benefits, including a wide range of powerful onboard technology features for turning, milling, grinding, or additive manufacturing. SINUMERIK therefore offers the decisive extra performance for machine tools and increases overall productivity on the shopfloor.

Modernization consulting

Many questions can arise on the road to a more modern manufacturing shop: we are happy to provide support.

Basic training and advanced training with SINUMERIK

Get started with SINUMERIK and know that there are trained specialists and advanced training courses offered by trainers experienced in SINUMERIK. Click here to find courses offered by our training partners.

Know-how for SINUMERIK users

Tutorials, webinars and practical reports on the CNC4You portal provide valuable information for your daily work in CNC production. Don't miss anything ever again!

Financing solutions

Siemens Financial Services can advise you on all aspects of financing your new machine tool. Find out now - without obligation.

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