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Our CNC Shopfloor Management Software will make you more successful.

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  • improve planning, tool and program management

  • carefully monitor machine performance and availability

  • boost quality and production performance

  • can be used with SINUMERIK and other CNC control systems

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Boost productivity and efficiency - Reduce downtimes, errors, and costs

Take your CNC manufacturing to a new level

There is still considerable potential for improvement to be leveraged in your machine tools and CNC machining processes. The key to this is the standardized solutions provided by the CNC Shopfloor Management Software. Each app creates specific competitive advantages. Take your production to a new level of your productivity step by step – whoever the manufacturer of your control system is.

Start digitizing your production today

How can I, as a machine user, derive benefits from digitization and new software? Where and how do I start with successful digitization? Our expert: Marcel Milde, Head of Digitalization Sales, explains you in a video from our Siemens Machine Tool Days what an effective and simple implementation could look like. If you have any questions for our expert, please use our contact form.

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Our Machine Tool Software Store is the most direct way of finding apps for every level, from the machine to the factory. Here you'll find an overview of our quickly expanding range of apps. Get also more details regarding the apps and access them immediately. Or contact a Siemens expert directly in the digital store and have them put together a shopping card to match your requirements.

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CNC Shopfloor Management Software: an ecosystem for all levels

Our software operates on all three levels of your production:

Exploit the full potential at all levels for increased productivity and higher quality with our portfolio.

Shopfloor Management apps in practical use

How your production immediately benefits from digitalization

CNC Shopfloor Management Software is digitalization at work. Individual apps can be implemented step by step when you need them for your tasks. Largely independent of the machine and control system manufacturer, our apps boost productivity, quality and efficiency in your CNC manufacturing and at the same time reduce costs. See for yourself. Here are some examples of applications actually used in job production – ranging from production planning and job preparation to machining and maintenance.

Always have the right resources available

In the future, always bring the right tool to the right machine for every job - with correction data and without remeasurement directly from job preparation. The Manage MyResources app offers extremely smart and comprehensive tool management, while providing information about tool condition and tool life. The right tool offset data are automatically made available for your NC programs.


Your benefits:

  • Integrated tool management (which tool is loaded when and where or on which machine)
  • Automatic detection of tool life
  • NC program management across the entire machine fleet

Knowing what you can achieve

From now on, you know the current performance of your machines, can plan more reliably and deliver on time. The Analyze MyPerformance app is an innovative way of acquiring your machine data to make your production more transparent. And it's not only your planning that improves. As you automatically receive direct feedback from the machines and can generate performance indicators with little effort, you can see for yourself the optimization potential (e.g. organization-related downtimes) and can reliably improve your job production processes.


Your benefits:

  • Clarity about the current performance of your machines and production
  • Targeted analysis of weaknesses / optimized job production
  • Calculation, visualization, and control using key performance indicators (KPIs)

More workpieces produced, less tool breakage

There is often no time to optimize NC programs under the pressure of job production. The result is that you don't make full use of the potential of your machines. In some cases, you overwork and overload your tools.

The Optimize MyMachining /AC-Auto app automatically adapts your machine feedrate to the actual machining conditions. And the best thing about it is that you don't have to modify the NC programs to do this. It has never been easier to increase machining power and reduce the load on machines and tools.


Your benefits:

  • Fully automatic optimization of feedrate during machining
  • Optimum utilization of machines and tools
  • No need to adapt NC programs and no need for operator intervention

Analyzing processes in real time 

Digitalization means saying goodbye to trial and error or collecting large volumes of data. The Analyze MyWorkpiece app acquires even high-frequency machine data and process data without overloading your machine tools during machining. An efficiently visualized wealth of data on your processes and tool paths, which you can draw on to analyze and optimize operations. The Optimize MyMachining /Trochoidal app controls processor-intensive tool paths, allowing new, much more efficient machining strategies – again without overloading the control and the machine.


Your benefits:

  • The high-frequency data collection means you can analyze and optimize workpiece quality whenever you need to.
  • Thanks to high-frequency monitoring, workpiece quality and tool wear can be assessed more accurately and more directly.
  • New machining strategies allow faster machining with reduced wear of the milling tool

Detecting and eliminating errors

Your machines only make money when they're running. The Manage MyMachines /Remote app helps you to authorize remote maintenance and remote operation of your machine – simply and reliably. And with MindSphere, you can do this securely from any location. Whether you use your own service personnel or the manufacturer's teams, a smart toolbox for remote diagnostics supports service engineers in restoring your machine to use.


Your benefits:

  • Remote access and operation of the CNC user interface
  • Machine operators and service engineers share a real-time view of the CNC
  • Comprehensive and secure data transfer 



With little effort, users can exploit the full potential of their data and use the knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.
Peter Albrecht, Platform Connection Coordinator at CHIRON
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