Optimal and stable machining with adaptive control

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Higher productivity and process stability with Adaptive Control & Monitoring suite (ACM)

Increase your productivity, reduce scrap, increase process stability and minimize production disruptions. You can achieve these goals with Siemen’s powerful OMATIVE adaptive control technology – the “original” adaptive control in wide use in metal-cutting industry for almost 30 years. Cutting conditions vary considerably during machining, from changes in hardness within a workpiece to fluctuations in depth of cut. These result in suboptimal machining times and tool breakage. ACM Suite gives you the tools to achieve highest productivity - from minimizing machining time, to timely tool breakage detection.

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Improving machine productivity

Complex algorithms, intuitive usage

Since 1996 Siemens adaptive control and monitoring technology evolved to enable productivity improvements in a variety of machining processes, cutting tools and machine configurations.

Working with, and learning from, hundreds of customers allowed us to find just the right mix of controls by which users can take full advantage of the sophisticated algorithms, but without making the applications difficult to work with.

Adaptive control & tool monitoring

Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)

ACM suite offers lowest cost of ownership over the lifetime of the machine on which it is installed. The applications require shortest machine downtime for installation and setup, minimal to none training for machine operators, and are very easy to use by technologists. 

OMATIVE technology from Siemens provides productivity solutions for all metal-cutting machine operations, such as milling, turning, grinding, gun drilling or gear hobbing. Depending on your needs you can enable one or both operating modes concurrently.

Use cases

Adaptive control and monitoring in practical use

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