Using machine data to gain a competitive edge in CNC manufacturing

Machine data are at the heart of production optimization

Collecting and analyzing machine data used to be very time-consuming. Thanks to digitalization and networking, completely new options are now available. You can access the process and machine data required for production optimization any time and anywhere, detect process weaknesses and monitor the effect of optimization measures immediately, automatically and without any additional effort. Our CNC Shopfloor Management Software apps transform machine data into a powerful tool that will make your production even more flexible, more efficient, and more successful.

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Machine data reveal potentials for improvement in your CNC production

The CNC Shopfloor Management Software apps continuously acquire machine data and visualize them in such a way that you can determine the status of all your machines any time and anywhere, as well as detecting process weaknesses quickly. Not only that. You can see at a glance how your entire production is performing, make decisions based on reliable machine data and performance indicators, and optimize your production and processes step by step. CNC Shopfloor Management Software means you can learn from machine data how to boost efficiency and flexibility in your CNC production and leave your competitors trailing behind you.
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CNC Shopfloor Management Software: an ecosystem for all levels

Our software operates on all three levels of your production:

Exploit the full potential at all levels for increased productivity and higher quality with our portfolio.

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Into the Sphere – Manage MyMachines and MindSphere

Ahead of the rest: at EMO 2017, Siemens was already demonstrating what its IoT platform MindSphere and smart apps can do:

  • 200 machine tools from different manufacturers and with different controls supplied machine data
  • The status of the machines was transparent at all times and from all locations
  • Machine data could be visualized in apps such as Manage MyMachines and Analyze MyPerfomance
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CNC Shopfloor Management in practical use

We deploy our software in our own factories and Digital Experience Centers (DEX) throughout the world. Visit us now to find out more. Quickly, directly, and personally.
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Benefit from the opportunities that our control systems and CNC Shopfloor Management Software offer, and further optimize CNC manufacturing using machine data and key performance indicators. We will be glad to answer your questions and guide you, step by step and app by app, on your own personal journey to digitalized production.

Do you want to harness the enormous potential of machine data and optimize your production?

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