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Using apps to optimize machining and process quality

Modern machine tools are marvels of engineering and work extremely precisely and efficiently. You can create the basis for this with optimized NC programs and machining processes. The CNC Shopfloor Management Software apps help you to exploit the full potential of your machine tools, reduce throughput times, and maximize quality and efficiency. Machine with a surface quality that will impress your customers.

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How to get ahead on surface quality and optimized machining processes

The CNC Shopfloor Management Software apps visualize tool paths and machining steps with a single click. This allows you to analyze every detail and detect even the smallest programming and process weakness. The result is perfectly machined surfaces where you need. You can overlay target tool paths on actual tool paths and, in doing so, detect and remedy any deviations.

Analyze MyWorkpiece is a group of apps which can help you to visualize and analyze machining processes in great detail. At every stage of machining, you can see the control data, tool positions/paths, the workpiece and all the relevant machine and process data. Now you can finally see all the information synchronized on a single monitor, allowing you to optimize your NC programs and machining, and impress your customers with superior surface quality.

Yes, you can. Analyze MyWorkpiece visualizes toolpaths and machining processes for you in great detail – on the digital twin of your machine even before the first chip is removed. You can see the workpiece, toolpaths, control, machine and process data synchronized at a glance – at every moment of the machining process. Reliable optimization and maximum surface quality thanks to smart apps. 

Yes, thanks to smart apps. Take feedrates, for example. Our Optimize MyMachining /AC-Auto app is an adaptive control system that automatically adapts the feedrate to the actual cutting conditions. You win on all counts: you protect the machine and avoid tool breakage caused by over-fast (re-)insertion into the material. At the same time you always machine at optimum speed without being held back by being over-cautious. This reduces machining times and boosts productivity. Fully automatically, without operator intervention and without having to make changes to your NC programs.

Our Edge apps enhance machines and programming. For example, the Optimize MyMachining /Trochoidal app ensures considerably more efficient milling of flat-bottomed pockets and slots with less tool wear. Our app also makes highly efficient trochoidal milling available to manufacturers who program without a CAD/CAM system and use cycles at the machine. This increases machining speed and surface quality while significantly reducing tool wear.

The Analyze MyPerformance /Monitor app determines the actual performance of your machines. What is being machined? How efficiently are the machines working? Are there any malfunctions? All in real time. If cycle time and runtime irregularities occur, you can respond immediately. Regardless of where you happen to be. Thanks to Analyze MyPerformance /OEE Tuning, you can visualize the key performance data of your production quickly and simply, providing you with a strategic data-based control tool to tune your processes. 

With Industrial Edge for machine tools you can acquire and handle high-frequency process and machine data directly at the machine, without overloading it. IT security is, of course, taken very seriously. Using the configuration settings, you determine exactly which data are recorded and which data are transferred to the cloud or to your servers. So you, your production and process managers or external experts with the relevant privileges can remotely access the required process data at any time.


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Grafic of the CNC Shopfloor Management Software ecosystem

CNC Shopfloor Management Software: an ecosystem for all levels

Our software operates on all three levels of your production:

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On video: Hands-on process optimization

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Improving the workpiece surface with Analyze MyWorkpiece

How to work with Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath.
The video highlights the features of our software and how it works.

  • PC-based analysis of the entire process chain
  • Simultaneous 3D visualization of toolpaths and program data
  • Color highlighting and comparing 3D trace data from the machine

Edge application Analyze MyWorkpiece /Monitor in action

Our Edge app for improving surface quality at our Bad Neustadt plant.

  • Offloading the machine tool with Edge computing
  • Selecting and evaluating process data
  • Displaying all the data along the toolpaths
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CNC Shopfloor Management in practical use

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