Maximize the availability of your CNC machines with predictive maintenance

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Improved availability and adherence to deadlines

Networking and digitalization offer new opportunities for servicing and maintaining machine tools. The operative word is predictive maintenance. Instead of rigid maintenance cycles, you can plan maintenance work in your CNC production according to requirements, and whenever production orders and capacity utilization allow. So you can avoid unscheduled downtimes, disruptions in production, delivery delays and the stress that goes with it. This increases the availability and productivity of your machines and improves adherence to deadlines.

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Clever solutions for rigid maintenance schedules

Plan your maintenance so that it is predictive and tailored to your needs

You already have a well organized maintenance schedule? Well, our CNC Shopfloor Management Software will now make it even better. Use the benefits provided by predictive maintenance. From now on, you won't service your machine tools according to rigid maintenance schedules, but as required and in line with your production planning. And only when and what is absolutely necessary. Our software analyzes the machine data, automatically initiates test cycles, creates trend analyses and reports any abnormalities. You therefore know in advance whether you can handle the production order of an important customer with your machine, or whether you should use predictive maintenance to minimize the risk of disruption.

Analyze MyMachine /Condition is part of the CNC Shopfloor Management Software and makes data-based, predictive maintenance possible. The app not only collects and analyzes machine data but also initiates test cycles. The test cycles can be saved as logs to provide documentary evidence of the machine status. A modern analysis tool that makes the state of your machine transparent, prevents nasty surprises, and increases the availability of the machine. 

Predictive maintenance efficiently organized: Thanks to the MindSphere app Manage MyMachines /Remote you can authorize remote diagnostics, remote maintenance and operation of your machine – simply and securely. Service engineers and machine operators share the same real-time view of the CNC and can solve problems together – irrespective of the control manufacturer. The app opens up new possibilities. You can involve your own experts at different locations in troubleshooting. You can grant machine manufacturers remote access, save the high costs of on-site personnel deployment, and improve preparations for service engineer assignments which can also be shortened. 

Unscheduled machine downtimes mean delays, trouble with customers, expensive service engineer assignments, emergency deliveries of spare parts – and considerable stress. Analyze MyMachine /Condition is your introduction to predictive maintenance. The app analyzes machine response and records indications of impending faults very early on. In this way, you can plan maintenance proactively, smoothly and efficiently. Instead of strictly following rigid maintenance schedules, your service engineers perform maintenance tasks whenever necessary. Instead of being caught out by disruptions in the middle of a production run, you schedule maintenance work so that production is only minimally affected. 

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