Efficient NC manufacturing starts with optimized production planning

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Optimization starts with job preparation

Calculation of competitive offers, creating NC programs, assigning production resources – production planning during job preparation fulfills central functions in your NC manufacturing. Every increase in speed and reliability in production planning is a benefit for all subsequent production processes. And this benefit is brought to you by the apps of the CNC Shopfloor Management Software.

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Our answers to your questions about job preparation

Advance your production planning now!

Always know what's happening. Production planning, control, and efficient capacity utilization of your CNC production rely on transparency. Our smart apps link your job preparation directly to your NC production, providing you with data and automated reports in real time 24 hours a day. Regardless of the manufacturer of your machines and control systems. Having up-to-date, correct, and comprehensive information at your fingertips means you can make more informed and faster production planning decisions, and thus optimize machine utilization, reduce errors, and ensure adherence to deadlines. Digitalization that gives you a tangible competitive edge.

Whether you use SinuTrainvirtual NCK, or our new SINUMERIK ONE, with a digital twin of your entire machine-tool fleet, you can test NC programs against the background of the machines' specific kinematics – as part of production planning, directly during job preparation and without disturbing ongoing production. Say goodbye to expensive sample workpieces and time-consuming tests at the machine. Simulation on the digital twin gives you planning confidence and increases your productivity – and additionally furnishes you with a solid basis for transparent, reliable calculations for your quotations. 

Many quality deficiencies and delays can be traced back to incorrect, missing or worn tools. Manage MyResources /Tools says goodbye to all that. Our modular tool management system provides a complete overview of tool inventories and downtimes. Including the measured values for the tool offset data of the NC programs. For more reliable production planning and without expensive overstocking.

From planning to production: After you have checked your NC programs on the digital twin, you can transfer them to the machine using the Manage MyResources /Programs program management system. Quickly, without any mix-ups, and safe from any unauthorized modifications thanks to encrypted transfer.

That's precisely where the CNC Shopfloor Management Software comes in. It integrates data, regardless of the manufacturer of your machines or control systems. At last, you have an integrated and comprehensive overview of your production. We would be happy to advise you on implementation and show you what is possible.

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CNC Shopfloor Management Software: an ecosystem for all levels

Our software operates on all three levels of your production:

Exploit the full potential at all levels for increased productivity and higher quality with our portfolio.

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The benefits go far beyond production planning: transparent program management

How you can optimize work preparation through resource management

Our expert, Franziska Hüttel, Business Development Digitization, explains in a video e.g.:

  • How can production orders be prepared, and the production workflow organized efficiently?
  • How does the NC program get to the right machine more reliably and quickly?
  • What tools are needed to increase the machining of the workpiece?
Once we have optimized a program (at the machine), we can send it directly to the PLC ... from where it can be called up whenever it is needed. I got to grips with it immediately.
Machine operator at the gear unit factor in Tübingen
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CNC Shopfloor Management in practical use

We deploy our software in our own factories and Digital Experience Centers (DEX) throughout the world. Visit us now to find out more. Quickly, directly, and personally.
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Apps for job preparation

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Benefit from the opportunities that our control systems and CNC Shopfloor Management Software offer you from the outset in job preparation and production planning. We will be glad to answer your questions and guide you, step by step and app by app, on your own personal journey to digitalized production.

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