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With its high degree of protection IP65/67, particularly compact design, low space requirements and weight, SIMATIC ET 200AL is specially designed for distributed control electronics in tight spaces and involving motion. The SIMATIC ET 200AL devices are quickly and conveniently configured and commissioned using the TIA Portal. The modules can be incorporated in the automation network via PROFINET, PROFIBUS or the integration of ET 200SP. 

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Benefits and features

Benefits of a well designed I/O system

Whether in engineering, installation or operation: The SIMATIC ET 200AL I/O system offers a wealth of benefits – making it the ideal system for a host of decentralized applications.
Module range

Overview of system components

Wide range of applications for compact IP65/67 I/O system due to M8 and M12 modules

Interface Modules

The ET 200AL is connected to the bus system via the interface module, whereby optionally either a PROFINET or PROFIBUS interface module is available. The interface module exchanges the data between the higher-level controller and the I/O modules.

Integration of ET 200SP:
The ET 200AL IO modules can easily be integrated into a ET 200SP configuration, in this case data is exchanged between the ET 200AL IO modules and the higher-level controller via the interface module of the ET 200SP.

PROFINET Interface Module IM157-1 PN

IM 157-1 PN interface module for the SIMATIC ET 200AL, for connection to PROFINET
• RT and IRT real-time properties
• Automatic startup by means of topology detection
• Auto-crossover
• I&M data
• Data volume: 1430 Byte input and 1430 byte output
• Assignment to different CPUs by means of Shared Device
• Firmware update
• PROFIenergy
• Configuration management (Option handling)
• 2 independent backplane bus lines with 16 peripheral modules each = 32 modules can be operated

PROFIBUS Interface Module IM 157-1 DP

IM 157-1 DP interface module for the SIMATIC ET 200AL, for connection to PROFIBUS
• DP V1 slave
• I&M data
• Firmware update
• Configuration management (Option handling)
• Data volume: 244 Byte input and 244 Byte output
• 2 independent backplane bus lines with 16 peripheral modules each = 32 modules can be operated

IP65/67 I/Os for the ET 200SP IO-System

The ET 200AL I/O modules are integrated in ET 200SP via the BU-Send and BA-Send 1xFC modules. Data exchange between the ET 200AL I/O modules and the higher-level controller takes place via the ET 200SP interface module.

The connecting cable for the ET 200AL I/O modules is connected to the BusAdapter of the ET 200SP station.
The BusAdapter is simply inserted on the BaseUnit and secured with a screw.


I/O Modules

I/O modules are the interface between the SIMATIC ET 200AL and the process:

  • Digital and analog modules provide precisely the inputs/outputs that are required for the respective task

  • Thanks to freely parameterizable hybrid modules with integrated counting function, the ET 200AL thus offers maximum flexibility in many areas of application.

Two power supplies, 1L+ and 2L+ (each 4 A), are available. They are used by the I/O module and looped through to an additional I/O module.

Communication Modules

The CM IO-Link communication module enables data exchange with up to 4 IO-Link devices. With the IO-Link specification V1.1, the current device and master parameters can be automatically transferred to the IO-Link device in the event of a device replacement – without additional application effort.
The 30 mm wide I/O modules are especially suitable for use in extremely confined spaces, have settable parameters and diagnostic functions and can thus be adapted flexibly to the respective process requirements.

IO-Link I/O modules

The compatibility of IO-Link modules also allows an easy connection of standard sensors and actuators. Signals and energy is transmitted through IO-Link (IO-Link master). The IO-Link modules can be connected to any IO-Link master and thus enable a set-up of distributed I/O modules units that are fieldbus-independent.


Due to the point-to-point connections in IO-Link, a star-shaped structure (star topology) is created when the IO-Link peripheral modules are connected to an IO-Link master. When connected to other SIMATIC ET 200 I/O modules, this star topology can be combined with the fieldbus line topology as required. In this way, a topology optimally adapted to the requirements of the machines and plants can be realized.

Fail-safe Modules

Applications with safety-related requirements can also be implemented with the fail-safe IO module. The digital mixing module F-DI 4+F-DQ 2x24VDC/2A allows the connection of up to 4 (up to PL d/ SIL 2) or 2 (up to PL e/SIL 3) sensors and two actuators (up to PL e/ SIL 3), whereby the actuators are always switched in two channels per output (plus/minus - switching). All necessary safety functions, including communication to fail-safe controllers via PROFIsafe, are integrated.


The F-addresses are stored via an electronic memory element (E-coding plug), which enables simple device replacement in the event of spare parts.

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