MultiFieldbus from Siemens supports the PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/TCP protocols

MultiFieldbus allows simple and flexible use of different fieldbus systems with SIMATIC ET 200

Because it supports the PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/TCP protocols, MultiFieldbus is designed for use on a wide range of Ethernet controllers. The MultiFieldbus products of SIMATIC ET 200SP and SIMATIC ET 200eco PN are thus recommended as versatile communication solutions on the field level for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Product overview

Fieldbus systems

Comparison of fieldbus systems

An overview of industrial bus systems: What kind of systems are there and what can they be used for? MultiFieldbus allows you to freely select from among PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/TCP for your industrial communication applications.

An overview of MultiFieldbus solutions

With MultiFieldbus, you benefit from the openness and versatility of PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/TCP. You can use the best possible protocol for your application and make the machine data available to IT regardless of the type of fieldbus.

Depending on the application, end customers want to use the open-source Modbus/TCP protocol, the PROFINET protocol with real-time capabilities, or the popular EtherNet/IP as the Ethernet protocol. MultiFieldbus enables machine manufacturers to tailor their machines to the requirements without having to spend a lot of time and effort adapting the I/Os. The SIMATIC ET 200 MultiFieldbus interface modules can exchange data with the controllers via different protocols. SIMATIC ET 200SP can communicate via different protocols simultaneously.

MultiFieldbus supports all important Ethernet protocols

Overcoming bus limitations with MultiFieldbus

MultiFieldbus is placed at the boundary between controllers and field devices. Thanks to its support of multiple Ethernet protocols, replacing the controller and using a different protocol, for example, are no problem – the MultiFieldbus interface modules can be used regardless. This means that you save yourself the time and effort of replacing the I/Os when exporting machines to different regions. MultiFieldbus devices are available in the IP20 and IP67 degree of protection.

Overview of fieldbus systems

A universal solution for Ethernet protocols

One fieldbus, multiple Ethernet protocols: Discover our MultiFieldbus systems, which enable you to flexibly use PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/TCP in your automation projects.

How to configure MultiFieldbus

Der Multi-Feldbus wird mit dem MultiFieldbus Configuration Tool konfiguriert

MultiFieldbus Configuration Tool (MFCT)

The MultiFieldbus Configuration Tool is needed to engineer MultiFieldbus for EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/TCP.

Projektierung des Multi-Feldbus in Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal)

TIA Portal

MultiFieldbus for communication via the PROFINET protocol can be engineered directly in Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal).


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One MultiFieldbus, three Ethernet protocols: Use PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/TCP flexibly in your applications.

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MultiFieldbus in practice

Many companies need a fast and easy solution for communicating via different Ethernet protocols. Here are a few examples from practice.
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Cybersecurity for Industry

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