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Discover the world of Basic Automation with GO!. Digitalization is progressing at a rapid pace in both the commercial and private sectors, and automated solutions are playing an increasingly important role. This trend is advancing worldwide, and device commu­nication capabilities – in conjunction with increased energy efficiency, data transparency, availability, more user-friendly operation and lower costs – are becoming increasingly important. Our LOGO! and SIMATIC S7-1200 portfolio offers you the ideal solution for your application – high-quality, user-friendly and cost-effective. Read our application examples and success stories to discover how Basic Automation can help you, too.
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Success stories

Automation with LOGO! and SIMATIC S7-1200

From compact, ingenious automation solutions to automated building technologies and smaller industrial applications – the LOGO! logic module and the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller simplify your daily life in many ways.

Reliable remote monitoring

At first glance, the Flemish town of Wuustwezel is a quaint, bucolic Belgian municipality a stone’s throw from the Dutch border. But there’s a small firm tucked away in the suburbs that was founded by acclaimed water management pioneers: Belleaqua. Thanks to automation solutions from Siemens LOGO! 8, the company benefits from the highest system reliability.

Find out more about the water management systems from Belleaqua.

Hidden comfort

Whether in ceilings or furniture, inside walls or beneath floors, behind pictures, in living rooms or hotel rooms, on terraces, next to swimming pools – or even on luxury yachts – there is practically nowhere that innovative integration solutions from Flatlift TV Lift Systeme GmbH of Worms, Germany, have not been installed – and they're controlled by LOGO! 8.

Find out more about the automated Flatlift screens.

For a polished game

Elitist, expensive, stuffy: golf is a sport that suffers from many prejudices. However, in recent years, the face of the German golf industry has changed radically, and the era of golf being an elite sport for the wealthy is over. SwissSonic GmbH of Speyer recognized the potential of golf as a sport. They manufacture and market golf club cleaning machines, and the reliable control is thanks to LOGO! 8.

Find out more about the golf club cleaning machines from SwissSonic.

Robotics for small and medium-sized enterprises

Krüger Industrieautomation GmbH specializes in plant engineering and robotics for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its second major division is closely related to this: Krüger upgrades its robots so they can be reused in new or existing plants. Krüger relies on SIMATIC S7-1200F to enhance the quality and efficiency of production – and also to improve operator safety.

Find out more about the automated robots from Krüger Automation.

Safe welding in volume production

When using machines or equipment, the safety of operators plays an important role. As such, the regulations and requirements that have to be fulfilled by manufacturers are particularly strict. The welding machine and special equipment manufacturer Dalex Schweißmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG uses the fail-safe version of the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller in order to meet the high safety requirements of the EU’s Machinery Directive.

Find out more how Dalex is helping meet safety standards thanks to SIMATIC S7-1200F.

Tailwind for innovation

The Hedrich Group has developed a process with which rotor blades for wind turbines can be vacuum cast completely for the first time. For improved product quality, the company relies on control and automation technology from Siemens. SIMATIC S7-1200F plays a key role. 

Find out more about the special process that vacuum casts rotor blades.

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