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SINUMERIK ONE impresses with the benefits that the digital twin brings about for machine manufacturers and users. The virtual image becomes the reference variable for real action. Find out more about the benefits of SINUMERIK ONE for machine manufacturers. 

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The digital twin of automation

Increase the quality and speed of engineering and commissioning of the machine

The TIA Portal is the central component of a consistently digital engineering process. The data from the TIA Portal form the basis for the digital twin. The digital twin of automation – the digital image of the control, the machine behavior and the kinematics – offers the possibility to virtually test and commission the configurations from the TIA Portal.
The benefits of the digital twin

Digital First with SINUMERIK ONE

The digital twin makes a major contribution toward optimizing many types of processes during engineering but also later when the machine is in operation. Combined with the right business model, the digital twin enables machine manufacturers to generate additional business in conjunction with their machine tools.
The benefits of the new CNC

Increased performance for innovative machine tools

SINUMERIK ONE is optimized for performance. Thanks to an innovative system architecture, the system impresses with outstanding productivity. Especially in the field of highly demanding mold making, productivity increases in the double-digit percentage range can be achieved depending on the machine. Innovative software functions tap the potential of the latest processor technologies and enable the parallelization of various processing functions without any loss of performance.

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Fast and secure communication 

With OPC UA and Profinet, SINUMERIK ONE offers the perfect solution for communication in the future. Thanks to the integrated OPC UA server, PLC and NC data can be used quickly and easily for higher-level applications. SINUMERIK ONE sets standards in terms of safety and focuses on the protection of know-how and data. 

Help with the creation of the digital twin and virtual commissioning 

SINUMERIK ONE Virtual Commissioning Services supports the transfer of commissioning tests into the virtual world. Thanks to the triad of consulting, implementation and training, machine tool manufacturers benefit from faster and risk-free commissioning and efficient optimization of engineering. Individual consulting permits the reliable assessment of the specific project in terms of feasibility and effort. The digital twin of the machine is developed based on this consulting service. Training tailored to the customer's needs ensures that expertise is quickly built up and enables machine tool manufacturers to take full advantage of virtual commissioning.

SINUMERIK ONE for machine users

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Learn more about the many benefits that SINUMERIK ONE has to offer. Get continuous updates on the latest news and first reports on SINUMERIK ONE.


Learn more about the many benefits that SINUMERIK ONE has to offer. Get continuous updates on the latest news and first reports on SINUMERIK ONE.