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SINUMERIK ONE convinces through the advantages that the digital twin brings to machine manufacturers and users. The virtual image becomes the reference variable for real action. Quality and speed in the production of the workpiece also count. Read here which benefits SINUMERIK ONE offers to machine users.

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Benefits of the digital twin

Digital First with SINUMERIK ONE

SINUMERIK ONE enables a consistent “digital first” strategy. This means that key manufacturing processes (e.g. programming, job preparation or process optimization) are always simulated first using digital twins, in other words, on detailed virtual images of the controls and machining. The result is faster communication with customers about prices and deadlines, more accurate planning and job preparation, and increased productivity, even with falling batch sizes and an increasing range of variants.

Create and check NC programs and avoid collisions offline: With Run MyVirtual Machine

The digital twin of machining of SINUMERIK ONE, Run MyVirtual Machine, allows programs to be written offline and tested without requiring a real machine. Run MyVirtual Machine provides safety and avoids collisions at the real machine. Further, Protect MyMachine protects against any collisions while machining. 


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The benefits of the CNC control

Improved performance on the shop floor

SINUMERIK ONE is optimized for performance. An innovative system architecture means the system will impress with its excellent productivity. In the highly demanding area of mold making, in particular, double-digit productivity gains are a real possibility, depending on the machine. Innovative software functions leverage the potential of the latest processor technologies, so very different processing functions can be run in parallel without performance losses.

How to boost productivity with SINUMERIK ONE

How do machines with SINUMERIK ONE significantly and sustainably increase the productivity of the production environment? And further, how do machines with SINUMERIK ONE help machine tool users to be well prepared for the requirements of the future?


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Ideal for modular and also for compact machines

SINUMERIK ONE is available in several control cabinet-based NCU variants as well as in a compact panel-based PPU (Panel Processing Unit) variant. The PPU version combines the CNC control and a 15'' or 19'' HMI panel in one component. This makes SINUMERIK ONE suitable for both modular and compact machines.

Technology packages

SINUMERIK ONE Dynamics – powerful new technology packages

Options for efficient CNC programming on the shopfloor and execution of CAM-generated CNC programs

SINUMERIK ONE Dynamics offers a series of options for your machine tool with three complementary technology packages:

  • SINUMERIK ONE Dynamics Operate
  • SINUMERIK ONE Dynamics 3-axis milling
  • SINUMERIK ONE Dynamics 5-axis milling


Tool and mold making

Plant managers

SINUMERIK ONE for machine tool builders

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Find out more about the benefits of SINUMERIK ONE in engineering and commissioning and how the CNC increases the performance of modern machine tools.


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