Arena of Digitalization

Experience firsthand the potential of digitalization in motor production and metalworking – either real or virtual. Learn more about the endless possibilities opened up by the use of data.
Arena of Digitalization, Siemensstraße 15, 97616 Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany

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Discover digitalization

How you can turn challenges into opportunities

In the factory’s Challenge Zone, we tackle seven challenges that will be quite familiar to you – as they are to us. You can look forward to learning about how we handle these challenges.
The picture shows two employees in the production area of the Siemens Electric Motor Factory in Bad Neustadt. One of them is standing with his back to the camera in front of an operator terminal, the second one is standing further in the background.

Discover how you, your employees, and your partners can work together to design your digital transformation responsibly and sustainably.

Competence management

Vision, strategy and communication

Partnering and open ecosystem

Energy savings and decarbonization

Citizen development

The picture shows two employees in the production area of the Siemens Electric Motor Factory in Bad Neustadt. To the right of them various components of electric motors can be seen.

Discover how you can optimize your innovation processes, and introduce new products, processes, and technologies as faultlessly, quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Virtual commissioning

Simulation in product design 

Process simulation

Additive manufacturing

Efficient product design  

The picture shows the state-of-the-art production hall of the Siemens Electric Motor Factory in Bad Neustadt, Germany.

Discover how you can adapt your resources early on, in order to rapidly respond to changing quantities and product mixes.

Process simulation

Planning and scheduling

Digital resource management

Global load balancing

Pay per use concepts

Automated intralogistics

Digital value stream management

Flexible automation and robotics

The picture shows the state-of-the-art production hall of the Siemens Electric Motor Factory in Bad Neustadt. In the foreground, an employee stands in front of a large touchscreen.

Discover how you can maximize the operational reliability and productivity of complex production systems in order to optimize throughput and quality as well as guarantee delivery dates.

Digital performance management

Digital maintenance

Remote Service

Process monitoring

Open ecosystem

Digital process planning

Process simulation

The picture shows an employee of the Siemens Electric Motor Factory in Bad Neustadt in front of a laptop with a second monitor connected. The display of the laptop shows the digital twin of a motor, the second monitor shows tables.

Discover how you can continuously improve your processes and products to safeguard your competitiveness and increase customer satisfaction.

Traceability and interlocking

Worker guidance

Data-driven process optimization

Simulation-based process optimization

In process optimization

Flexible automation and robotics

Automated intralogistics

Automation of administration

The picture shows an employee of the Siemens Electric Motor Factory in Bad Neustadt with headset in front of her laptop.

Discover how you can manage a network of global factories and accelerate their digitalization using synergies and global collaboration.

Reference architecture approach

Digital planning of factories 

Lean Digital Factory program

Digital manufacturing transformation

Expert communities

Manufacturing data platform

The picture shows an employee of the Siemens Electric Motor Factory in Bad Neustadt sitting at his desk. There are two monitors on the desk. On the left one you can see the digital twin of a motor, the second monitor is covered by the employee's head.

Discover how you can build machines quickly and efficiently and meet the requirements of digital factories.

Simulation in machine design

Efficient machine engineering

Virtual commissioning

Ecosystem for digital services

Integration into customer ecosystems

What you get to see

Impressions of our arena

Data as success factor

Digitalization in real production

Where should the manufacturing industries start in order to remain successful and competitive over the long term? Greater flexibility, higher efficiency, and a faster time to market aren’t enough. Other factors also have to be considered, including quality and sustainability. Our Arena of Digitalization is an actual production environment where you can experience how data works as a key success factor – data that’s available in all production plants, including yours!

Generate knowledge from data

Whether you operate machine tools or other production machines in your manufacturing plant, you’re confronted with extremely complex challenges on a daily basis. Discover how you can master these challenges in the practical examples at our Electric Motor Factory in Bad Neustadt. We’ll demonstrate the potential of digitalization using typical machines – all under the motto “We show what we use”.


At the heart of this approach is the abundance of data from a variety of sources that’s generated along the entire value chain – data that, until now, has often been used too little or not at all. Digitalization makes it possible to gather this data, understand it, and use it appropriately to continuously optimize processes based on the knowledge acquired.

Exploit potential across disciplines

The Arena of Digitalization highlights all that can be achieved when the digital and real worlds become one. The conditions for this convergence are created by the digital twin. This precise, virtual model of reality permits a constant exchange of data across all disciplines and specialties. Silo thinking is a thing of the past, and unlimited collaboration has become the order of the day. For example, information from a downstream phase in the product lifecycle can be applied to future optimizations in the design phase. Thanks to this data transparency and the constant exchange of information, you can easily and continuously optimize everything from virtual product development and virtual production planning to real production and the end product.

  • Digitally design, simulate, test, and optimize products with no need for real prototypes
  • Digitally plan, simulate, commission, and optimize entire plants
  • Continuously optimize products and production by evaluating performance data
A blue colored photo of the manufacturing directly connected to the arena of digitization shows some workpieces.

Digitalization at Electric Motor Factory Bad Neustadt: Added value along the entire value chain

1 %

faster throughput thanks to new processes

1 %

faster correction loops

1 %

shorter power-up times for new machines

At our digital factory, we produce about 2,000 electric motors every day. That’s more than 500,000 a year in over 35,000 versions. Batch sizes as small as one are possible, with an average of five to ten units. Digitalization helps manufacturers manage the challenges of ever-increasing customization and product variation.

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