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Flexible, fast, and efficient. Experience the benefits of digitalization in motor production and metalworking.
Arena der Digitalisierung, Siemensstraße 15, 97616 Bad Neustadt an der Saale

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The potential of digitalization along the entire industrial manufacturing value chain

Whether you operate machine tools or other production machines in your production: This is your chance to discover the potential offered by digitalization in industrial manufacturing at our Siemens Electric Motor Factory in Bad Neustadt – a practical example in terms of transparency, flexibility and productivity. You can also find out how we have digitalized production at our Arena of Digitalization – in which we work with real data from real production processes, and with ‘typical’ machines, close in age and number to yours. You can also get up close and personal with manufacturing experts here, who will be happy to share their digitalization experiences with you. All under the motto: “We show, what we use.”
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Discover firsthand how our entire value chain benefits from digitalization.

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Faster throughput with new processes

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Faster correction loops

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Power up new machines faster

We produce around 2,000 electric motors every day in our digital factory. That’s more than 600,000 a year in more than 30,000 different versions. Batch sizes as small as 1 are possible, with averages of 5-10 units. Digitalization helps manufacturers deal with the challenges of constantly increasing customization and product variation.

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From the big picture to the very last detail

Experience the future of metalworking with seven theme areas as well as on-site at the plant.

Discover the added value of digitization

Significant increase in productivity in industrial manufacturing through digitization across the entire value chain.

Digitalization changes the way we work

How can I inspire my employees and how can I prepare them for a new way of working?

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1. Product design

How can I create an intelligent digital twin of my product?

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2. Production planning

How can I plan and optimize my material/manufacturing flow?

How can I simulate my entire production processes?

How can I virtually test and optimize my ergonomic workplace design?

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3. Production engineering

How can I increase the machine productivity and reduce the risk of machine collision while implementing new programs?

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4. Production execution

How can I create transparency regarding my machine utilization and conditions?

How can I identify production bottlenecks/downtimes?

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5. Services

How can I optimize my production to avoid production bottlenecks/downtimes?

How can I use big data to improve existing processes?

How can I secure my data against external attacks?

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Machine Builder perspective

How can the virtual twin of my machine supports me in the design and commissioning phase?

What kind of new service business models can I offer to my customers?

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