Interactive Catalog CA 01 

The Interactive Product Catalog of Industry Automation and Drive Technologies

Standard drives or large drives, industrial automation system or motion control, process instrumentation or low voltage technique and installation technique: The world of industry and trade is multifaceted as well as our range of products. Our innovative products, systems, and solutions are designed for your standards.

Offline, but still up-to-date

The Interactive Catalog CA 01 combines the performance of offline and online media in one application: Impressive performance as well as the variety of information and actuality of the internet. The CA 01 consists of the catalog software tool, of product catalogs that are updated on a monthly basis for some countries, and of optional configuration tools. When starting the software, you are informed about available online updates. The CA 01 Update Center helps you with the download and the installation steps.


Seamlessly Integrated into the Siemens Ordering and Service Portals

An Interface to the Siemens Industry Mall offers an even more comfortable ordering process: You can collect the relevant product informations and create your shopping carts offline, transfer them to the Mall, check the product availability, submit the carts, and track the orders online.

Download CA 01 Installer


The Interactive Catalog CA 01 is available for download in several countries, and as a generic international version.

For preparing the installation, you first need to download the Online Installer by klicking the "Download" button.

Then you need to unpack the downloaded zip file, and execute the unzipped file „CA01OnlineInstaller.exe“.

A wizard is then guiding you through the installation process.

Important note: Please don't start the executable file from within the zip file. You need to extract it first, otherwise the installation will fail.

Choose the installation type:

  • Local installation:
    The Interactive Catalog CA 01 will be installed on your local PC and is available for each local user. We recommend this option for most users.
  • Network installation:
    The Interactive Catalog CA 01 will be installed to a network drive and can be used by multiple users in your network, sharing data.
  • Portable Installation:
    The Interactive Catalog CA 01 will be installed as a portable application without start menu entry and without uninstall information. This option is useful for an installation on a removable drive (e.g. a USB stick) for use with multiple computers.
  • Copy installation files:
    Interactive Catalog CA 01 installation files are being copied to disk or a removable drive. This is useful for an installation on a PC without DVD drive or internet connection.


Now you may choose a setup type:

Now you can select the components you wish to install.

By default, only the generic international catalogs are enabled. These catalogs are available in different languages, but don't contain price informations.

The data packages that contain country-specific prices are disabled at first. In order to be able to select them, you need to login to the Industry Mall using the drop down menu. During the authentication process, the Online Installer is checking, which Mall region is connected to your account, and is then enabling the respective regional data packages. 


For Germany and in the US for example, we provide updates on a monthly basis. The version number (e.g. 19,1100) reflects the valid year and month.

In order to perform a fresh installation, you need to check the boxes for the software, and for the data package of your country.

Additionally, you may select Offline Configurators.


Click on "Next" to proceed, and follow the wizard's instructions to start the installation.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • PC with 2 GHz CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or higher (1280 x 1024 recommended)
  • 20 GB temporary free disk space for installation or update
  • 12 GB free disk space for a full installation
  • 2 to 3 GB free disk space for each additional data package (optional)

How to Uninstall the Interactive Catalog CA 01

If several data packages and/or configurators are installed, you first need to uninstall them completely, before the Interactive Catalog CA 01 can be removed.


First uninstall the data package by clicking

Start > All Programs > Siemens > Uninstall (Remove) Data package XX_XX


Then remove the „Interactive Catalog CA 01“ by clicking

Start > All Programs > Siemens > Uninstall (Remove) Software CA 01


You may alternatively uninstall the software packages using the windows settings dialog.

We strongly recommend to install all available updates.

Automatic Updates

Updates can be obtained directly from with the CA 01 tool. CA01 informs you during startup, if new software versions or data packages are available. This works only with an active connection to the internet.

Available updates are shown in a dialog window. The installation starts when you confirm the update in the dialog box.

Updating the TIA Selection Tool

The TIA Selection Tool can no longer be updated automatically using the CA 01 update features. In fact, the tool has (starting with version 2018-12-38446, CA 01 version 18.1200) its own update mechanisms that are running during the startup.

If the TIA Selection Tool is not yet installed, or if you still use an older version, then you may use the CA 01 Online Installer for installing it. The CA01 Installer will handle both, the deinstallation of the old, and the fresh installation of the latest version.

User Helpdesk

In case of problems or questions, you can contact the Industry Application User Helpdesk. You can reach them "24 x 7" by dialing +49 (0) 911 895 7895 or (from within Germany) 0800 5020201, or by sending an e-mail to

You can get further informations about the Siemens Industry Online Support here: SIOS Home

Frequently Asked Questions

The hardware and software requirements are (valid from Oct 2017):

  • PC with 2 GHz CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or higher (1280 x 1024 recommended)
  • 20 GB temporary free disk space for installation or update
  • 12 GB free disk space for a full installation
  • 2 to 3 GB free disk space for each additional data package (optional)

Select the menu Customer / Personalize and logon using your Industry Mall account. Your conditions and data will then be transferred from the Industry Mall to CA 01. For more informations, please refer to the CA 01 manual (search for the key word "Personalize").

On platforms older than Windows 7, the Interactive Catalog CA 01 is not able to automatically detect if the Internet connection is active or not. With Windows XP or in some other circumstances it might be necessary to deactivate the automatic connection check. In order to do that, go to menu Extras -> Settings -> Catalog -> Internet access

and select "Online" from the drop down menu.

After starting the Interactive Catalog CA 01, select the menu Help -> Info about , and click in the dialog window on the button "Export log files". You can then save a zip archive file containing all logs in a target folder.

The log files are located in C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Siemens\CA01\Logs

If you use a network installation, you find the log files in folder ..\Userdata\Users\<user name>\Logs\
relative to your CA 01 installation folder.

Close the Interactive Catalog CA 01. 

Check if the "users" or "administrators" group has full(!) access to the folder C:\Program Data\Siemens\CA01\User data\CA01_XX_XX and its sub folders.
Delete the file CustomerData.LDB in that folder, if that file exists there.

For a network installation, the file CustomerData.LDB can be found in ..\AllUsers\Userdata\, relative to the path of the executable "ca01.exe".

If that does not help, you need to completely uninstall and reinstall the data package.

When this message appears during the startup of the Interactive Catalogs CA 01, you need to install the current version of the CA 01, in order to update your price lists and data. Follow the steps shown in tab "Installation". You can navigate there by clicking on the "Download and Installation" button.


Please note that the version of the CA 01 software and the version of the price lists are independent from each other. When you use an up-to-date software, it does not necessarily mean that your data packages are up-to-date as well.

This error message typically appears after the start of a new fiscal year at Siemens, when the price lists and products have been updated.

Note that you may as well proceed with old data.

The Interactive Catalog CA 01 is no longer available on DVD. It can only be downloaded.