Digital Connectivity for Industry

It’s not what you see, it’s what you get

Digital Connectivity for Industry is the decisive factor for anyone who wants to fully exploit the opportunities of digitalization. Working almost invisibly, it prepares the connections you need between all objects, systems, and applications. A plant thus becomes intelligent, things become the industrial Internet of Things, and ideas become reality. Our offering combines essential elements of the digital infrastructure, like industrial identification and locating systems, communications solutions, industrial security, and future key technologies like Industrial 5G, TSN, and CloudConnect. You benefit from a powerful base for all current and future IIoT applications.

Digital Connectivity is the basis for new digital business models

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Digital Connectivity

Master digitalization

Digitalization promises important competitive advantages for businesses, such as increased flexibility, minimal downtimes, and higher quality. But to be able to offer digital services, we need a digital infrastructure consisting of smart objects, as well as network and platform solutions. We call the key elements Digital Connectivity for Industry. Digital Connectivity for Industry lets you master all the tasks of digitalization, and fully exploit all the opportunities it offers.

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Have everything in view

Transparency is the basis for every digitalization solution. You can only put digital solutions in place and create genuine added value once the secured acquisition, transmission, and storage of all relevant information have been assured. Digital Connectivity for Industry offers end-to-end solutions across all interfaces and standards – from small wireless transponders to powerful switches and complete network and identification solutions, as well as locating systems. In addition, the actions taken to assure cybersecurity must be as varied as the solutions themselves. Industrial security takes all security levels into account. All this lets you benefit from total transparency at every level.
Key innovations

Be future ready

Intelligent networking does not begin with a solution and end with its implementation. It’s an ongoing process: New, trailblazing developments constantly open up unimagined opportunities. After all, many visions and opportunities to add value are only made possible thanks to new technologies. We help develop these technologies right from the start and make them ready for use in industry – so you can benefit from each new trend in digitalization, and be fully prepared for the future.

Successful examples from practical application

Around the world, companies from all industries rely on our skills.

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The basis for digital business models

Our industry article will show you how you can use Digital Connectivity for Industry to create the foundation for bringing new business models and visions to reality.

Digital Connectivity provides the basis for new digital business models

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