Edge computing for industry with Industrial Edge from Siemens

Industrial Edge

Exploit the full potential of your machine and plant data to increase your competitive edge and generate new business models
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Know more, respond faster, decide more reliably

In your company, huge amounts of data lie dormant and unused. At the same time, machine and process data provides tremendously valuable insights – if it’s used. Industrial Edge lets you do just that, so that you can speed up your reactions and become more successful.

How you can finally use your data to your advantage

Industrial Edge represents an open, ready-to-use Edge computing platform consisting of Edge devices, Edge apps, Edge connectivity, and an application and device management infrastructure. Industrial Edge brings edge computing to industry. With edge computing, data is processed right where it’s generated, meaning in your production machines, machine tools, processes, and plants. Now you can finally make practical use of this data to optimize workflows, save resources, and improve quality. Industrial Edge also lets you use cloud computing as needed – for example, in order to benefit from higher computing power, more storage, and remote accesses. You have full control over your data at all times.

Making data usage easy, reliable, and flexible

Industrial Edge from Siemens adapts to your specific expectations and requirements, thanks to optimal data processing at the edge of the network.

Industrial Edge in your industry

Industrial Edge can be easily integrated in existing IT environments

Integrate Industrial Edge in existing IT environments

Thanks to central management and automated tasks, Industrial Edge can be quickly and easily integrated in existing automation and IT environments. And thanks to support from Docker and other tools, you can extend the range of apps for production with very little effort.

Industrial Edge offers an active, growing community for partners, makers, and users
Edge Community

Become part of our growing Edge Community

As the ecosystem for partners, makers, and users, the Edge Community is where edge experts, edge users, app developers, and device builders meet to exchange knowledge, new business contacts, and innovative concepts relating to all aspects of Industrial Edge.

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In various media such as podcasts, white papers, blog posts, and our support information, you’ll find lots of in-depth information on edge and cloud computing for industry.

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