Using Industrial Edge, IT specialists can reduce the risk and effort involved in integrating Edge computing

Industrial Edge for IT specialists

Automate manual IT tasks and reduce IT costs and risks for your production setup
End-to-end approach

Complete solution for Edge computing in industry

Industrial Edge represents an open, ready-to-use Edge computing platform consisting of Edge devices, Edge apps, Edge connectivity, and an application and device management infrastructure. It makes it easier to collect and analyze data from industrial resources, enables a faster and more reliable rollout of apps on the shop floor, and provides central management for devices and apps with maximum scalability – and there’s no need to intervene in the existing automation system (for example, to adapt controller software). Depending on your requirements, you determine what data stays local and what can be used with a cloud solution on an optional basis.
Collect data from assets

Automation components like controls and drives generate a vast amount of data containing information that has value for businesses. Data on variables like speed, electricity consumption, and vibration can determine the condition of a machine and can be used for predictive maintenance, for example.

Collect and process data

Edge devices and apps allow you to use this data. Connector apps link the various sources, and data buses and services make them compatible with Edge apps. These apps let you display and process the data locally. Thanks to container software like Docker, you can use existing high-level language apps with Industrial Edge.


And the open Industrial Edge Runtime will allow apps to run on devices from certified vendors in the future.

Central management of apps and devices

Central Industrial Edge Management is used to manage apps and devices. Edge Management can make apps available to users on the shop floor, enabling them to access a growing range of productivity-enhancing apps that are always current. Edge Management can either be used by plant operators in their company infrastructure (shown here) or by the machine vendor by remote.

Use Industrial Edge with the Cloud

Industrial Edge Hub

ndustrial Edge Hub is ideal for enabling plant operators to roll out standardized Edge applications and assign different management systems – by production facility, for example. Thanks to the latest security patches and firmware updates from Siemens, your Edge solution will always be up to date.


Industrial IoT as a Service

MindSphere lets you use Industrial IoT as a service to collect, store, and process machine and plant data centrally using a variety of apps. Industrial Edge can also be seamlessly integrated in existing IoT infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and it also provides a seamless data exchange with these systems.

Deploy ready-to-use apps

Thanks to industrial apps from the Industrial Edge Marketplace, you can start using machine data immediately, with no need to develop your own apps. This allows you to run applications for condition monitoring and power management, for example. The Marketplace is also the “transshipment point” between app developers and Edge users, where both general and specialized apps can be offered and requested.

Open Edge computing platform enables scalable, local data processing via apps

How IT with Industrial Edge is advancing production

Industrial Edge Management

Solution to manage your Edge apps and devices

Industrial Edge Management is the central infrastructure you can use to efficiently manage distributed Edge devices and their software and users. It makes it even easier to integrate software in industrial environments and saves you time and effort.

Application and device lifecycle management rolled into one

Using Edge Management, you can manage machine fleets, including distributed Edge devices and their apps, both locally and globally. This industry-ready and ready-to-use solution will let you automate your IT processes, from app development to distribution and operation, and you can run software scalably in your own production systems or on globally distributed machines.


The benefits to you as the IT administrator: You can roll out the right apps on the right Edge devices for the right users; plan company-wide updates with just a few clicks; and monitor and ensure ongoing operation with a central admin view option.

Industrial Edge apps

Get a fast start with ready-to-use Industrial Edge apps

Get off to a fast start with Industrial Edge. You’ll find many off-the-shelf applications for data collection, storage, and analysis in the Industrial Edge Marketplace, and by using Docker you can easily integrate existing apps.

Individual apps on a scalable platform with Docker

Based on the Docker IT standard, you can run your own applications scalably on the Industrial Edge platform. Docker-based container virtualization offers many benefits, including the ability to isolate applications in addition to easily using and scaling them.


You can use any high-level language like Python, Node.js, Java, and C++ – as well as our Mendix low-code development environment in the future – to develop new Edge apps, virtualize them as Docker images, and run them scalably on many different Edge devices.

Make an immediate start with industry-specific Edge apps

In addition to your own Edge apps or those from partner entities, you can also use data from your machines right away with Industrial Edge apps, with no need to do your own programming. The selection includes apps for data collection, processing, visualization, and analysis, so you can implement applications like condition monitoring, energy management, and performance optimization.

Industrial Edge Runtime and Edge devices

Industry-ready integration of Edge computing in your shop floor

Industrial Edge can run on many kinds of hardware: integrated in SIMATIC controllers and HMIs, on industrial PCs with different performance classes, and on certified Edge devices from Industrial Edge ecosystem partners.

Industrial Edge can run on a broad range of hardware: integrated in SIMATIC controllers and HMIs, on industrial PCs with different performance classes from embedded to server PCs as well as on your personal virtualization infrastructure (e.g. VMWare ESXI) and certified Edge Devices from Industrial Edge Ecosystem partners.


We offer you a completely integrated and industry-ready firmware that dramatically simplifies the use of apps on the shopfloor. You can save manual integration effort and benefit from a wealth of functions like user and access management as well as security to ensure the ease of operation.

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