Industrial Edge for machine tools enables quality monitoring and increased productivity thanks to high-frequency data

Industrial Edge for machine tools

Quality monitoring and increased productivity thanks to high-frequency data
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New capabilities for machine tools

With edge computing, data is processed decentrally at the point of origin. Industrial Edge for machine tools is a form of the Siemens Industrial Edge platform that allows you to tap the full potential of your machine tools.

Compatible to SINUMERIK One, SINUMERIK 840D sl, FANUC, and other controllers

High-frequency data access on 100 variables with up to 1,000 Hz without additional strain on the controller

Central administration of SINUMERIK Edge devices to always keep both operations system and hardware up to date

Flexible connectivity to any MES and ERP systems, i.e. via PLC, OPC UA (with umati)

Central infrastructure to manage all connected Edge devices of any kind worldwide for installation and configuration of operating system and applications

Development of your own Edge apps on a secure platform with the freely available developer software development kit, the so-called AppSDK

The flexible and future-proof path to your digital future


Hands-on Industrial Edge for Machine Tools

These videos give you an overview of how you can create added value for your machine tools with Industrial Edge for machine tools.
Podcast: Talking Digital Industries

Deep Dive – Edge computing for the machine tool industry

Listen to SINUMERIK Edge expert Björn Rosenbaum explain how data processing and analyses offer new ways to monitor and improve the production process and production quality, reduce unexpected downtime, and create new business models.


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Application examples

Industrial Edge for machine tools in practice

Industrial Edge for machine tools offers a broad range of Edge applications for a variety of use cases. Find out how they can help you optimize the productivity of your machine tools.

Collect and evaluate machine tool data

With Industrial Edge for machine tools, machine data can be evaluated using your company’s own analytical apps – for example, for quality assurance purposes.

Store data locally for company-wide analyses

When machines are equipped with Industrial Edge for machine tools, high-frequency data can be stored for evaluation in your company’s own apps. Among other things, users can detect patterns in the quality-related data that’s needed for subsequent analyses. This is relevant, for example, in the automotive industry in preparation for recalls.


The Analyze MyWorkpiece/Capture app makes this possible by accessing high-frequency data via the SINUMERIK Edge platform interface. Machine tool users can record the collected workpiece, tool, and tool path data with high temporal resolution. Users themselves determine what data should be captured and when – for example, for specific machining steps or at specific threshold values.

Benefits of Industrial Edge for machine tools:

  • High-frequency recording of machine data for any application
  • Flexible collection of data based on your company’s needs
  • Simple machine upgrade with SINUMERIK Edge
The apps, platform services, and devices involved

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Capture4Analysis

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Capture4Analysis is an edge app that enables users to acquire and store data from the SINUMERIK CNC controller and forward it to an application. Different trigger types can be defined to capture selectable signals like torque, load, and position.

Quality monitoring in parallel to production

Consistent monitoring of machine tools and the quality of results allows operators to reduce tool costs and waste.

Flexibly monitor process steps and variables

Typical use cases – for example, in the automotive industry – include evaluating workpiece quality and detecting tool wear in order to minimize waste, increase tool life, and ensure a higher overall process quality. The variables typically monitored include positions, flows, and control deviations using Six Sigma methods, and in the future, artificial intelligence. Users will largely be able to configure the application themselves.


All this is made possible by the Analyze MyWorkpiece/Monitor edge app. It offers quality monitoring in parallel to production, and users can determine the process steps and variables that will be monitored.

Benefits of Industrial Edge for machine tools:

  • Maximized tool life
  • Savings in tool costs leads to fast investment amortization
  • Reduces waste by ensuring tool quality and monitoring relevant process parameters
Apps, platform services, and devices involved

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Monitor

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Monitor is an Industrial Edge application that allows online quality monitoring during production using SINUMERIK CNC process data. It uses a variety of monitoring model types and process reference data to identify potential process anomalies.

Monitor workpiece quality using artificial intelligence

Monitoring the quality of workpieces using artificial intelligence (AI) helps boost the productivity of machine tools.

Visual analysis of workpiece quality

Using a camera image, AI-based software can recognize whether the right workpiece is in the right position in the machining area with greater precision than the human eye. If the position is correct, machining can begin. Tool wear can also be monitored.


In addition, the camera transmits the work process live from the machining area and documents all image data. Protect MyMachine /Setup ensures machining and process quality and enables a more efficient use of resources.

Benefits of Industrial Edge for machine tools:

  • Visual monitoring of workpiece quality and tool wear
  • More efficient use of resources, thanks to consistent monitoring
  • Easy setup and operation of AI in manufacturing
Apps, platform services, and devices involved

Protect MyMachine /Setup

Protect MyMachine/Setup is tailored to the machine operator, who can then take advantage of artificial intelligence for monitoring workpiece quality without extensive expert knowledge. Setting up machining jobs is simple and allows easy integration into the manufacturing process.

Fingerprint of the machine tool as a condition indicator

High-frequency CNC data can be used to generate a digital fingerprint of a machine tool for purposes of need-based maintenance.

Condition-based maintenance

High-frequency CNC data can be used to generate a fingerprint of a machine tool. The fingerprint provides information on machine wear and maintenance requirements and serves as the basis for condition-based maintenance and high machine availability. Machine condition is regularly monitored and compared with a reference condition, which makes it possible to detect critical deviations early on and prevent production outages, thanks to need-based maintenance.

Benefits of Industrial Edge for machine tools:

  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Higher productivity
  • Evaluation and analysis of machine condition
Apps, platform services, and devices involved

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Condition

Optimize MyMachining /Condition uses high-frequency CNC data to generate a digital fingerprint of a machine tool. The MindSphere application associated with Analyze MyMachine /Condition allows users to evaluate and analyze the condition of connected machines at a glance.

Optimal motion control for trochoidal milling

Industrial Edge for machine tools enables trochoidal milling without using a CAM system.

Efficient milling

Conventional milling is frequently used, but it lacks efficiency due to high machining forces and large warp angles. Trochoidal milling, on the other hand, uses optimized toolpaths. However, CNC programs created in CAM systems can take only limited advantage of maximum CNC performance, because the constant braking at line-arc transitions results in unfavorable speed profiles. Optimize MyMachining /Trochoidal makes it easier to achieve optimal motion control.

Benefits of Industrial Edge for machine tools:

  • Resource-friendly use of trochoidal milling
  • System solution replaces additional CAM systems
  • Optimal motion control
Apps, platform services, and devices involved

Optimize MyMachining /Trochoidal

Optimize MyMachining /Trochoidal provides a system solution that allows programming directly at the machine without an additional CAM system, which enables optimal motion control.

Edge apps

Transform machine data into added value using Industrial Edge apps

In addition to the option of programming your own edge apps, our Marketplace offers you apps developed by Siemens for a variety of application areas.

Standard apps and in-house developments

With our offering of ready-to-use apps you can collect and evaluate machine tool data, monitor the quality of workpieces (including with AI support), and perform condition-based maintenance, among other things. With the central Edge Management System, IT administrators can make these apps available, and can also run applications that were developed in-house.

Industrial Edge in the IT environment

Integration of Industrial Edge in existing IT and production environments

Industrial Edge: The solution in detail

Industrial Edge is designed as an open system and is easy to integrate into existing IT and production environments. It makes many tasks easier because it allows previously manual steps to be automated. IT administrators can quickly and easily implement requirements from production and centrally manage and roll out updates and new apps. The necessary hardware, including edge devices and gateways, is industry-compliant and can also be in harsh environmental conditions right at the machine.

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