Industrial Edge for process industry plants and fleets paving the way to autonomous asset management and process optimization

Industrial Edge for Process Industry

Better use of plant and asset data – easy, flexible, and integrated into your process automation.
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Integration of Industrial Edge into your process automation

Industrial Edge helps to optimize the availability and performance of plants and assets. At the same time it’s enabling plant managers to develop predictive maintenance strategies and enhance flexibility and control.

Industrial Edge on the shop floor

The animation illustrates the structure of the open edge system. Using the data on process level leads to more transparency about the performance and condition of plants and assets so you can make the right decisions to optimize your production.

These data can also be used by the plant manager to better schedule maintenance and enhance flexibility and control. Whether your data stays on-site or is processed in the cloud is up to you – with Industrial Edge you can use the best solution for your needs, with Siemens devices or adapted to your infrastructure.

Use Case

Practical Application of Industrial Edge for Process Industry

Learn about the possible uses of Industrial Edge and the advantages it offers the process industries.

Industrial Edge brings AI applications to field devices

Predicting when a sensor, valve or pump is likely to fail is possible with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Based on data collected via Industrial Edge, algorithms can calculate when failures are likely to occur. First, data from the Edge devices is transferred to a cloud to train AI. The trained AI can then be used as an Edge App on the edge devices within the plant. The app's AI is continuously fed with asset data to detect anomalies that indicate an oncoming failure.

Edge apps

Getting started with Industrial Edge Apps

Use the data from your plant immediately with Industrial Edge Apps by using your own edge apps or apps from partners, without any programming skills.

Ready-made and customized apps

The range of ready-made apps available includes the processing, visualization and analysis of data, as well as connectivity to implement applications such as status and condition monitoring or predictive maintenance. IT administrators can make these apps available to their colleagues on the shop floor via the central Edge Management System, but they can also use applications they have developed themselves. Uploading data to the cloud is not compulsory, but does offer advantages as plant owners and managers can gain access to globally distributed plants and optimize their service on the basis of the processed data, as well as develop new business models.

Industrial Edge Apps for the Process Industry

Industrial Edge in an IT setting
Industrial Edge in an IT setting

Integrating Industrial Edge into existing IT and automation environments

Industrial Edge is designed as an open system and is easy to integrate into existing IT and automation environments. It makes many tasks easier, since it’s possible to automate what were previously manual stages. IT administrators can quickly and easily put shop floor requirements into action, and centrally manage and roll out updates and new apps. The necessary hardware, such as Edge devices and gateways, is industry-ready and can be used directly on the machine even in harsh environmental conditions.

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