Industrial Edge on the shop floor: Improved efficiency, optimized processes

Optimize production processes with Industrial Edge

Make better use of your machine and plant data: With Industrial Edge, you’ll increase efficiency and optimize your processes in production – easily, flexibly, and integrated in your industrial automation system.
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Use machine and plant data to optimize processes on your shop floor

Data is being generated continuously on your shop floor. Are you benefiting from it? Or would you like a faster and easier way of analyzing your data so you can acquire valuable insights? Industrial Edge will help you get the most out of your production data and optimize your machine and plant availability and performance. It also gives machine builders the opportunity to develop new service strategies and business models.

Analyze performance data for machines from multiple vendors

Italian bubble gum and confectionery manufacturer Perfetti Van Melle finds that its customers’ tastes and wishes change often – and quickly. That’s why it relies on innovation to be sure of responding swiftly. To make the right decisions, it needs maximum transparency for the machines and lines in its distributed systems, which is a real challenge considering the range of machine manufacturers and installed components involved.


Thanks to he highly capable plug and play connectivity offered by Industrial Edge, it was possible to quickly connect up all the machines and start gathering data at a local level. Vertical integration from shop floor to the ERP system means that management always knows the status of machines and lines thanks to the visualized data. Energy consumption data and maintenance status can also be called up in this way. To do this, Perfetti Van Melle makes use of its own open-source based apps and ready-made Edge apps from Siemens.

Benefits of Industrial Edge:

  • Integration of machines from multiple vendors
  • Utilization of machine data at management level
  • Deployment and management of own and 3rd party applications

Improved productivity with voice control either at the machine or by remote

Safety is the top priority when you’re handling hazardous or sterile substances. To ensure safety while also improving productivity, Italian machine builder FPS relies on Industrial Edge for its containment systems. These enable operators to handle highly toxic (HAPI and HPAPI) or sterile powders safely and efficiently. The Edge app SIMATIC Assistant for Machines (SAM) lets machine operators complete all stages in the work process without having to remove their gloves.


This involves giving instructions by voice control, for example using an HMI, which results in an easy and smooth workflow. The software runs on an Edge device directly on the machine, even without an Internet connection. It can also be used remotely using a mobile device. The result is shorter production times, and working and clearing activities are made easier for the operator.

Benefits of Industrial Edge:

  • Time-saving voice control (including offline)
  • Facilitate manual work of machine operator

Use data for innovative business models

New technologies open up competitive advantages for innovative machine builders. In the after-sales area in particular, there are opportunities to develop novel business models and service strategies.

Competitive advantages for machine builders

Production downtimes caused by unscheduled maintenance work, high energy consumption thanks to inefficient components, maintenance work that’s hard to plan: This is where machine builders can apply innovative concepts based on Industrial Edge.


By evaluating usage data it’s possible to recognize impending outages in good time and perform the necessary maintenance work by remote. Or at least schedule it for timeframes in which machine downtime will cause fewer problems. Even if there is no imminent outage, heavily worn components can increase energy consumption, e.g. as a result of leakage or friction. This can be identified by comparing against other machines or historical data. The data can be transmitted from the local Edge device to the Cloud for the purpose.

Improve service with your own Edge app

Industrial Edge gives Schmalz, a component manufacturer, the opportunity to expand its own range of services. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction by making Schmalz’s machines more productive. The company’s customers can analyze their machine data locally via an HMI, or access it via an Edge app designed especially by Schmalz.

To meet the specific requirements, Schmalz developed two apps of its own. One is available to system operators to give them more transparency regarding the machines in their plant. And Schmalz uses the other itself to be able to offer its customers better service.

Benefits of Industrial Edge:

  • By analyzing machine usage data, your customers can avoid unscheduled downtimes
  • Identifying required maintenance work increases the time window in which you can perform necessary work
  • You can also use machine data to offer your customers additional services such as consulting or pay-by-output
Everything about Industrial Edge for machine and plant manufacturers

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Industrial Edge on the shop floor

Launch into the world of Industrial Edge

Industrial Edge enables edge computing, especially in industry: With an Edge Marketplace full of useful edge apps and a portfolio of edge devices for every industrial requirement.

Industrial Edge Marketplace

The Industrial Edge Marketplace – where you’ll find a rich selection of ready-to-use apps for process optimization. You’ll find edge apps for activities like data processing, visualization, and analysis as well as connectivity for applications like condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Using the central Edge Management System, IT administrators can make these apps available on the shop floor, and they can also run applications they’ve developed themselves.

Industrial Edge can run on many kinds of hardware: for example, SIMATIC controllers, HMIs, and industrial PCs.

Industrial Edge devices

Industrial Edge can run on many kinds of hardware: integrated in SIMATIC controllers and HMIs, on industrial PCs in different performance classes, and on certified edge devices from Industrial Edge ecosystem partners. In the future, the open Industrial Edge Runtime will also be integrated by certified device vendors. We offer you completely integrated and industry-ready firmware that dramatically simplifies your use of apps on the shop floor.

Industrial Edge in an IT setting
Industrial Edge in an IT setting

Integrating Industrial Edge into existing IT and production environments

Industrial Edge is designed as an open system and is easy to integrate into existing IT and production environments. It makes many tasks easier, because what were previously manual stages can be automated. IT administrators can quickly and easily put shop floor requirements into action and centrally manage and roll out updates and new apps.

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