one2edit makes colleagues worldwide happy!

Our central web-editing-tool to create own language versions

Since 2010 Siemens is using this tool to adapt the language of advertising documentation, brochures and media assets. Using this tool, text changes can be directly transferred into the layout document (InDesign) using an internet browser. The document can then be released for printing using a release process. This tool will replace the previous PDF workflow.  The translator writes his texts directly into the layout document; this means that he can always see the text in relationship to the graphics and whether the length of the text fits into the layout. Instead of entering corrections in a PDF, “release personnel” can also make changes directly in the InDesign document. This means that the person making the correction can immediately see how the change influences the document (e.g. what happens to the lines). This means that it is no longer necessary to subsequently check as to whether the PDF corrections were correctly made – and it is also no longer necessary to wait for a new PDF. In addition to the time saving and the process optimization, the setting costs for adapting languages are also eliminated. With one2edit our Siemens regions outside Germany can generate language versions. This means that it will no longer be necessary to send huge amounts of data. After being released, a print PDF will be sent to the region. This can then be forwarded to any printing company.  

one2edit is a perfect DIY-Tool 

Easy tool to create own assets without agencies

One2edit also makes it possible to create printing files of small flyers and Posters using Templates. These have a fixed Layout. The User can fill the Layout with own pictures and text. After giving the Approval, the user will receive a high-res-PDF. However, several issues must be carefully observed when generating the document for the first time (first language version = Master). These directives, an InDesign- template as well as the one2edit manuals can be downloaded from here. Only InDesign documents created in the version CS6, better CC 2014 can be uploaded into one2edit