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With "from integrated engineering to integrated operations" we show the value of digitalization for your plant and how you can benefit from our comprehensive portfolio, industry expertise and service offering.

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reThink Digital Transformation

The opportunities of digital transformation are tremendous, particularly in the process industries. We are able to go across the entire lifecycle and bring productivity to the next level.

Some preconditions are a proper hardware and software and die ability to collect all data. This enables analyzing the information and take the right decisions. This is not an easy one! I talked to Julia Angerhausen who is a digital expert and helps us with digital strategies. Check out what she thinks is required for a successful digital transformation in production.

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With our comprehensive, end-to-end automation portfolio we help you to shorten time-to-market and to ensure maximum plant availability while increasing quality and flexibility at the same time.
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Our factories use our digitalization portfolio to manufacture innovative products for all industries. 

This enables the communication and collaboration of different technologies, digital assistance systems help to boost productivity and efficiency.

At the same time we understand the needs of our customers and continuously improve our digitalization offering.

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