Operational Excellence 2.0 – are digital services the answer?

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Operational Excellence 2.0 – are digital services the answer?

This episode of ReThink! Impulses for industries explores the ways that lead towards Operational Excellence 2.0.

Increasing the operational excellence is one of the most promising levers for resilience in the process industries. While concepts for the continuous improvement of operational excellence are known and established since years, the panel participants take it a step further and focus on the next level of operational excellence.

  • What are the preconditions for operational excellence
  • What is the impact of digital services and apps for the entire value chain? 
  • Can digital services be one of the main levers for hidden potential in operations?
  • How can maximum data transparency be reached? 

The guest panelists from Evonik and Colorants Solutions highlighted best practice examples for achieving operational excellence. 


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