Consistent safety in the manufacturing and process automation

Safety Integrated for industrial safety technology

With Safety Integrated, we’re providing an intelligent answer to the steadily increasing requirements for functional safety in machines and plants. Our comprehensive, consistent solutions for the manufacturing and process automation reliably protect people, machines or processes, and the environment – while fulfilling current and future efficiency and flexibility requirements.

Safety Consulting in action

Safety Consulting in action - implementing functional machine safety quickly, effectively and legally compliant​

The machine has been designed and is currently being built. Now all that is missing is the declaration of conformity and the CE mark. But there is more effort behind these two terms than one might initially suspect. They require a documented process of risk assessment and risk reduction.​

This is exactly where our Safety Consulting service comes in: We support you in optimizing existing processes in risk assessment and mitigation or in establishing new processes. In our webinar, we provide an overview of the individual process steps and demonstrate how we proceeded based on a real customer case.

Safety Integrated at a glance

Good reasons for why safety is important

Industrial safety is not just important because strict regulations have to be observed. When everything operates safely, you benefit from time savings when it comes to engineering, higher plant availability, and greater investment security.

Protecting people, machinery, plants, and the future

Take the direct route to maximum machine and process safety – with Safety Integrated. Machine manufacturers and plant operators alike benefit from our pioneering concept that integrates safety technology in standard automation. With significantly reduced engineering effort, our concept ensures safe, reliable, and economical operation and thus greater availability and system consistency.

Safety Integrated concepts and applications

Der Safety-Leitfaden für optimale Maschinensicherheit

Become a safety hero

The safety guide for optimum machine safety

Machine safety is a complex issue. Technical measures for machine safety make a significant contribution. Standardization recommends implementing a structured process.
But what exactly might a well-structured process look like?
We will show you what aspects are important, what is entailed and how you can plan and implement such a process in an efficient manner. 


Safety – easy and reliable

With Safety Integrated, you can always rest assured that optimal machine safety is guaranteed. Our certified products and solutions are always being refined and adapted to changing standards and conditions. This ensures consistent, end-to-end safety along the entire value chain.