Machine safety that fits!

Machine safety

Those who want to equip their machines and plants have to take care of many things: the right automation components, space-saving wiring, engineering and, last but not least, the integration of safety functions. It is not uncommon for suppliers to be unable to solve all the various tasks on their own. So the task of safety in particular often becomes: stress. With Safety Integrated, Siemens offers tailor-made solutions for the many different challenges within automation. Personal consulting, coordinated components, custom-fit configuration and accompanying service: Safety has never felt so comfortable!

News and events

News for machine safety

New trends, developments and interesting insights into machine safety
on site Kamtec

With integrated safety to the perfect cable lug

When it comes to machine and operational safety, Ingo Malchus, owner and managing director of the special machine manufacturer Kamtec, knows no compromises. Humans, machines and the environment must not be harmed for him under any circumstances...

Safety Tips and Tricks

Volume 9: Flexible F-Link

What is the Flexible F-Link and how does it work? Watch now the practical explanation using AGVs in our video and find it out.

Automated thermoprocessing equipment

Automated thermoprocessing equipment

The path to standard compliant and consistently safe automated thermoprocessing equipment.

Update on standards and regulations

Update on standards and regulations

Latest developments including references to artificial intelligence, information security, functional safety and smart manufacturing.

Customer talk with Evocortex

Customer talk with Evocortex

Functional machine safety is a challenge, even more if to be implemented in a dynamic environment. Automatic guided vehicles fall into this category. Together with Siemens, Evocortex developed and implemented safety technology for an AGV.

Expert talk Safe Kinematics

Expert talk: Safe kinematics

How can you safely monitor specified kinematic motions in space? Our experts Daniel Hübner and Thomas Kahabka discuss this in an expert talk and give interesting insights.

Machine safety and simulation

Machine safety and simulation - verification in a virtual environment during the developing phase

Do you also know this? The commissioning of your machine has been completed just in time and you "only" have to validate the safety functions. If you have proceeded systematically, this will not upset you. However, if errors are still uncovered at this stage, stress can quickly gain the upper hand. With development-accompanying verification through simulation, you can avoid such safety-critical stress situations at the end of development. In this webinar, we will show you how easy it is to simulate safety functions of a safety controller in advance - and how you can also use this for your standard applications.

Solution portfolio

Concepts for safe machines

Safety Integrated: the best possible machine safety with no additional hardware. The consistent integration of safety functions in our automation components ensures optimal safety without requiring additional hardware. With the easy engineering in TIA Portal you can save and can also meet all requirements thanks to the scalability.

Application examples

Are you looking for specific application examples? Our experts created a wide range of examples how to implement safety functions with our failsafe controls, drives and switching technology. Take the direct route to machine safety and get the latest tips and tricks!

Safety consulting

Machine safety is a complex topic and affects mechanics as well as electrical engineers.
You may justifiably wonder when and where to start - no matter if it's a whole process or a single machine. Discover our step-by-step process that leads you through the jungle of legislation.

Product range

Our product portfolio for machine safety

Whether it’s for automaton, drives, communications, HMIs, or switching technology: Safety Integrated ensures the best possible safety in all kinds of industrial applications, at all times.
Der Safety-Leitfaden für optimale Maschinensicherheit

Become a safety hero

The safety guide for optimum machine safety

Machine safety is a complex issue. Technical measures for machine safety make a significant contribution. Standardization recommends implementing a structured process.
But what exactly might a well-structured process look like?
We will show you what aspects are important, what is entailed and how you can plan and implement such a process in an efficient manner. 

Configure and evaluate

TIA Selection Tool - The fast way to a safe solution!

The TIA Selection Tool is a configurator for the entire Siemens automation portfolio. The desktop version enables flexible work from anywhere and at any time. Do three things with one tool: select, configure and evaluate the safety function! The intelligent wizards in the tool support you with your safety configuration. Start your own configuration now with the TIA Selection Tool!

How you benefit from Safety Integrated

The easy, reliable path to a compliant solution: standards and regulations

Mechanical engineers and plant operators must ensure that international and regional standards and regulations for machine safety are observed.


Siemens offers a broad-based training program, ranging from basic knowledge to expert level courses for functional safety. You’re sure to find the most suitable training on the topic of machine or process safety here, whether your preference is for a digital learning platform or classroom training.

Safety Evaluation with TIA Selection Tool

Safety Evaluation with TIA Selection Tool makes it even faster and more convenient to draw up proofs of safety in accordance with IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1. The additional functions offered by the TIA Selection Tool make the job of assessing your machine’s safety functions less time-consuming and more flexible.


Safety – easy and reliable

With Safety Integrated, you can always rest assured that optimal machine safety is guaranteed. Our certified products and solutions are always being refined and adapted to changing standards and conditions. This ensures consistent, end-to-end safety along the entire value chain.