SIMATIC Safe Kinematics

SIMATIC Safe Kinematics

Highest safety for human and machine 

Digitalization increases the degree of automation of machines and systems with an impact on production processes. Here, more and more handling tasks are being taken over by robots with high demands on velocity, precision and repeatability. Industrial robots often work in a cell surrounded by a protective fence. But is that enough to adequately protect the operator? Only with the corresponding efforts – and this requires valuable space or is expensive. The alternative is SIMATIC Safe Kinematics: The software-based solution can monitor the movement in the multidimensional space of predefined kinematics with up to 12 interpolating axes in a fail-safe manner. 

Why SIMATIC Safe Kinematics

An alternative to protective fences

Industrial robots often work in production cells surrounded by protective fences. This ensures that operators cannot reach the hazardous areas within the cells. Classic protective fences are often deceptive, as these would not withstand collisions with the robot.

Usually there are two ways to ensure safety here:

1. Distance

The protective fence must be installed in a way that there is a sufficient distance between the protective fence and the robot so that the robot cannot reach and deform the protective fence, thus endangering the operator. As a result, the space requirement of the robot cell increases and the costs of the longer protective fence have to be accepted.


2. Robust protective fence systems

If the robust protective fence can retain the static and dynamic forces of the robot at maximum operating velocity and load, this protective fence may be installed closer to the robot. These robust protective fence systems result in significantly higher costs compared to a classic protective fence..


With the software-based SIMATIC Safe Kinematics solution, Siemens now offers another flexible alternative.

Fully integrated and certified software-based solution

In order to ensure safety and increase the efficiency of machines, a safe interaction between the machine operator and the machine is necessary.


You can find out how SIMATIC Safe Kinematics supports you and what benefits you have from it in an expert discussion.


The safe monitoring of the kinematics is carried out in the program of a fail-safe SIMATIC S7-1500 control by means of SIMATIC Safe Kinematics in combination with the drive system SINAMICS S120. The complete engineering takes place uniformly in the TIA Portal.

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Benefits of SIMATIC Safe Kinematics at a glance

Compared to other solutions SIMATIC Safe Kinematics saves you time and money
One solution for all applications

Comprehensive library for all kinematics

Which kinematics does SIMATIC Safe Kinematics support? What features are available? Here you can find the answers clearly presented

User-defined serial kinematics with up to 12 joints

SIMATIC Safe Kinematics supports the monitoring of different kinematics with up to 12 interpolating axes. This supports a wide range of possible applications.

Safety in more ways than one

Whether you want to define and monitor working, signaling and protection zones, or the velocity of individual points in terms of tools or segments, or the orientation of a flange, SIMATIC Safe Kinematics offers the fitting functionality.


3D visualization

3D visualization not only facilitates the configuration of the relevant safety functions, but also saves a lot of time during commissioning, validation and troubleshooting.

Acceptance test

The acceptance test contains predefined test cases for checking and verify the Safe Kinematics functions and thus supports you in meeting the requirements for verification and validation according to EN ISO 13849-2 and EN 62061, as well as EN ISO 10218.


The acceptance test:

  • Offers you a selection of predefined test cases for checking and verifying the Safe Kinematics functions
  • Logs the test results and automatically generates the acceptance documentation – at the touch of a button  
  • Allows the creation of screenshots with one click from the 3D visualization to the documentation 
  • Enables the integration of almost any data formats, e.g. videos of the acceptance test, data sheet

Answers to frequently asked questions

Here you will find all the important information about the advantages and requirements of SIMATIC Safe Kinematics based on typical frequently asked questions.

No, but instead of an expensive safe protective fence with corresponding space and investment requirements, a normal protective fence is sufficient.

With SIMATIC Safe Kinematics you can safely prevent the robot from colliding with the protective fence. As soon as the robot arm leaves the "working zone", it is immediately shut down, thus preventing a collision with the protective fence. Classic protective fences can be used and the robot cell can be built more compactly because the protective fences can be mounted closer to the robot.

SIMATIC Safe Kinematics requires safe position information of all axle joints

In order to be able to monitor a kinematics with SIMATIC Safe Kinematics safely, you need safe axis positions of the kinematics. For this purpose, we recommend the drive-based safety function Safe Position (SP) of the SINAMICS S120, which transmits the safe axis positions via PROFIsafe to the F-PLC.

IEC and ISO certification of SIMATIC Safe Kinematics
SIMATIC Safe Kinematics is

  • SIL3 (IEC 61508), 
  • SILCL 3 (IEC 62061) and 
  • PL e / Category 4 (ISO 13849-1) 


SIMATIC Safe Kinematics also supports you in implementing the safety requirements of your robot in accordance with EN ISO 10218.

SIMATIC Safe Kinematics is independent of the robot's non-safety motion control. The following control platforms are supported:

Why safety-rated software in robotics?

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In-depth information and downloads

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Ordering options for SIMATIC Safe Kinematics

Direct order at Industry Mall

SIMATIC Safe Kinematics V17 is an option package from TIA Portal and will be reinstalled as a setup in TIA Portal V17. The product contains a fail-safe block library, which must be integrated into the programming environment of STEP 7 Safety Advanced and connected on the input and output side.

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