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SINUMERIK Safety Integrated

Implementing innovative safety concepts that offer maximum safety for people and machines is particularly easy with SINUMERIK Safety Integrated. In combination with SINAMICS drives, the SINUMERIK controls offer numerous benefits - together with customized safety functions: less engineering effort thanks to integrated safety functions that can be matched individually to any requirement; less external wiring due to simple connection with I/Os and converters using PROFINET and DRIVE CLiQ; faster commissioning through automated acceptance testing with the required protocols.

SINUMERIK with Safety Integrated

Efficient and cost-efficient

SINUMERIK Safety Integrated is a wide-ranging safety package that helps to protect people as well as machines. Thanks to the comprehensive integration of the safety functions in the control and drive technology, the system is extremely efficient and economical; for example, in setup and test operation while the protective door is open. The safety functions meet the requirements of DIN EN 61508 for use up to and including SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level), and Category 3, and PL d (Performance Level) according to DIN EN ISO 13849. This allows the main requirements for functional safety to be implemented simply and economically.

SINUMERIK Safety Integrated plus

Innovative solutions for protecting people and machines

SINUMERIK Safety Integrated plus for SINUMERIK 840D sl saves the application engineer time during configuration, commissioning and acceptance testing of safety functions.
Safety functions

Integrated safety functions

Failsafe controls are characterized by their integrated safety functions, which they provide to the user as possible responses to safety-related events. The SINUMERIK Safety Integrated Functions available in Siemens controls are described below. 
All about SINUMERIK Safety Integrated

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Portfolio overview

SINUMERIK machine tool controls and their safety functions.

You can quickly find the right solution for your safety application in the portfolio of SINUMERIK controls for machine tools - simple to implement and fit for the future.
Integrated safety functions
SINUMERIK 828 Safety Integrated
SINUMERIK 840D sl Safety Integrated
SINUMERIK 840D sl Safety Integrated plus
SLS Override
SLS sensorless

The SINUMERIK 808 Safety Integrated has the STO safety function.

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Our customers are convinced

Our customer Weiler Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH was looking for a solution that ensures safety without restricting the machine operator. The solution was also supposed to be flexible and cost-effective. Thanks to SINUMERIK Safety Integrated, Weiler offers its customers a solution that does not interfere with machine operations while at the same time ensuring maximum safety for people and machines.

Weiler Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Up to 70% wiring savings

  • Satisfies the highest safety requirements
  • Increases control cabinet capacity
  • Simple and fast commissioning based on menu-controlled acceptance test