SIRIUS Safety Integrated

SIRIUS Safety Integrated

Machine safety is an absolute must. But it doesn't have to be complicated

Are you looking for a safety solution for simple machines and plants, an alternative to complex programming? SIRIUS Industrial Controls from Siemens offer everything you need for an integrated and cost-effective safety chain in applications with a small number of safety functions: all the elements needed to detect, evaluate and react. Our SIRIUS Safety Integrated controls are an essential element of the Siemens Safety Integrated concept. Whether for fail-safe detection, commanding and signaling, evaluation or safe shutdown – SIRIUS Safety Integrated stands for integrated safety tasks in your plant.

SIRIUS Safety Integrated

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SIRIUS Safety Integrated Portfolio

SIRIUS Monitor

SIRIUS 3SK safety relays

Simple, fast and flexible evaluation: SIRIUS 3SK safety relays are the key elements of an integrated, cost-effective safety chain and are therefore the centerpiece of SIRIUS Safety Integrated. They are particularly suitable for safety functions that require only a few sensors and a small number of outputs. The parameterization of various Safety functions is carried out via DIP switches (3SK1) or by means of drag-and-drop (3SK2).

SIRIUS 3RK3 Modular Safety System

The 3RK3 Modular Safety System (MSS) is a freely parameterizable, modular safety relay. It permits the interconnection of multiple safety applications.

The comprehensive error and status diagnostics provides the possibility of finding errors in the system and localizing signals from sensors. Plant downtimes can be reduced as a result.

Furthermore, some central units have the functionality of an AS-i safety monitor. In addition to having a larger volume of project data and scope of functionality, it can be integrated in AS-Interface and therefore make use of the many different possibilities offered by this bus system.

SIRIUS 3TK28 safety relays with special functions

As further components of an integrated and cost-effective safety chain, the

SIRIUS 3TK2810 safety relays offer functions for monitoring actuators for

speed and standstill.

SIMOCODE pro: motor management and control devices

SIMOCODE pro manages low-voltage motors at constant speed, offering comprehensive monitoring and control functions and ensuring that motors are shut down in a safety-oriented manner. Benefit from detailed operating, service and diagnostics data. Communication via PROFIBUS, PROFINET/PROFIsafe, Modbus RTU and Ethernet IP and OPC UA – and thus also with the cloud.


The AS-Interface (AS-i) fieldbus system collects the widely ramified signals from the sensors and actuators and passes them on to the control level for evaluation. AS-Interface networks can be connected to the SIMATIC control system, SINUMERIK, or other control systems in a very user-friendly way. Of course, with integration of the safety-oriented components, e.g. emergency stop or protective door. The ASIsafe safety technology is already part of every AS-Interface network and can be used and extended by the ASIsafe components.


Fail-safe 3RM1 motor starters for safety-oriented shutdown as direct or reversing starters

Added value in the control cabinet: Classic switching technology is growing together with innovative safety technology. Using innovative device connectors, the compact, fail-safe SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starters can be seamlessly combined with the 3SK safety relays to form an integrated unit. Get started – with the durable and energy-efficient hybrid switching technology of the SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starters.

Powerful SIMATIC ET 200SP motor starter

The fail-safe ET 200SP motor starters are part of the distributed I/O system

SIMATIC ET 200SP and are fully integrated in the TIA Selection Tool and TIA Portal. They can be controlled in a fail-safe manner either directly via PROFIsafe-capable modules from the ET 200SP system or locally via 3SK safety relays.

Their diagnostics capability enables them to actively monitor the protection and switching functions.

3RW55 Failsafe soft starters

Safely working in your plant with the protective door open? The new SIRIUS 3RW55 Failsafe soft starters with their integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) function reliably ensure that the drive no longer supplies torque-generating energy in the event of an emergency. The motor comes to a standstill and remains safely in this state until it is explicitly restarted.

SIRIUS Command

SIRIUS ACT emergency stop devices

It must be possible to switch off machinery reliably in the event of danger. The emergency stop mushroom pushbuttons from the SIRIUS ACT series provide a safe shutdown signal in emergency situations. The optional PROFINET or PROFIsafe connection allows you to easily integrate it into the control system (PLC) and provides extended diagnostics and parameterization options when integrated into the TIA Portal.

SIRIUS position and safety switches

Protective door monitoring is one of the most common safety requirements: Hazardous machine movements must be reliably brought to a standstill when a protective door is opened.

For acquisition, you need precise equipment that you can rely on: This is what the 

SIRIUS position and safety switches as well as other components for almost any application at the field level offer.

Cable-operated switches offer the optimum solution for extensive areas such as conveyor belts or feed systems.

The two-hand operation consoles are required for use with machines and systems that have hazardous areas, in order to direct both hands of the operator to one position, e.g. on presses, punching or printing machines.

The safety foot switches are used on machines and in plants as enabling switches if manual operation is not possible.

SIRIUS Control

SIRIUS contactors​

The SIRIUS modular system helps to set up safe applications. 

In addition to the standard contactors, equipped with TÜV-certified mirror contact or positively driven operation, there are also SIRIUS contactors optimized for safety applications in the higher performance range. All contactors interact perfectly with safety relays and fail-safe control systems. In the higher performance ranges, the 3RT1 variants with certified, fail-safe control input offer the possibility of direct control from fail-safe control systems, standard control systems, or safety relays. The structure of the safety application is thus considerably simplified.