Safety Evaluation with TIA Selection Tool

Much more than just an assessment of safety functions

Safety Evaluation with TIA Selection Tool makes it even faster and more convenient to draw up proofs of safety in accordance with IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1. The additional functions offered by the TIA Selection Tool make the job of assessing your machine’s safety functions less time-consuming and more flexible.

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Safety Consulting in action

Safety Consulting in action - implementing functional machine safety quickly, effectively and legally compliant​

The machine has been designed and is currently being built. Now all that is missing is the declaration of conformity and the CE mark. But there is more effort behind these two terms than one might initially suspect. They require a documented process of risk assessment and risk reduction.​

This is exactly where our Safety Consulting service comes in: We support you in optimizing existing processes in risk assessment and mitigation or in establishing new processes. In our webinar, we provide an overview of the individual process steps and demonstrate how we proceeded based on a real customer case.

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Use the TIA Selection Tool for your safety evaluation!

You’ll be impressed by the benefits of an integrated Safety Evaluation with TIA Selection Tool, and how easy it is to perform a standard-compliant safety evaluation as part of the system configuration process.

Download the current desktop version of the TIA Selection Tool and use the safety evaluation within the TIA Selection Tool.

FAQs about Safety Evaluation with TIA Selection Tool

Safety Evaluation with the TIA Selection Tool according to  IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1 standards lets you assess your machine’s safety functions quickly and easily. As a result, you are provided with a standard-compliant report, which can be integrated in your machine documentation as a proof of safety.

It goes without saying that system configuration can be performed in parallel for standard and failsafe devices. The Safety Evaluation, however, relates only to the safety-relevant part of the configuration.

Projects that have been created with the Safety Evaluation Tool cannot be transferred to the Safety Evaluation of the TIA Selection Tool.

You can perform a safety evaluation in accordance with both IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1 using Safety Evaluation with TIA Selection Tool.

When you use Safety Evaluation with TIA Selection Tool, you can perform your safety evaluation right at the system configuration stage, so you can save valuable resources.

You can ensure the safety data from Siemens is up to date by running regular updates. You are responsible for third-party VDMA libraries and for integrating them.

Getting Started guides are available for all kinds of applications, and are available for downloading.

Safety-related modules that are not listed in the TIA Selection Tool because they are no longer current can be used for the Safety Evaluation from the Siemens VDMA library that has already been implemented.
(Example CPU 1516F-3PN/DP with article number: 6ES7516-3FN01-0AB0)

To create a 2-channel system with two devices (e.g. two contactors), the 2-channel subsystem element must always be used. For the parameter assignment of a 2-channel system within a device (e.g. EMERGENCY STOP), the desired architecture or category must be specified during the initial parameter assignment

All modules, with or without predefined SIL/PL, are suitable for the 2-channel subsystem element.

Modules from a wide range of VDMA libraries as well as user-defined modules can be used for the 2-channel subsystem element

Since TIA Selection Tool version 2021.9, modules with predefined SIL/PL can be inserted directly. To still be able to add them to the calculation in older versions, the failure rate λd of the module can be used with the help of a user-defined device.

Via the plus button (+) on the right side, additional devices can be inserted into the channels of the 2-channel subsystem element.

During the initial parameter assignment, the architecture or category of the component must be chosen depending on the selected standard. To do this, a corresponding parameter must be selected based on the structure of the module used. For 1-channel modules, the architecture is 1-channel according to IEC 62061 or category B, 1 or 2 according to ISO 13849. For modules that have an internal 2-channel structure (e.g. EMERGENCY STOP operating devices), a 2-channel structure or categories 3 and 4 is required.

If you have questions about the design of safety functions or the application and usage of safety evaluation in the TIA Selection Tool, please use the technical forum (safety evaluation or TIA Selection Tool), open a support request or contact your local Siemens sales partner directly.

For suggestions and feedback regarding safety evaluation in the TIA Selection Tool, please open a support request or contact your local Siemens sales partner directly.

Der Safety-Leitfaden für optimale Maschinensicherheit

Become a safety hero!

The safety guide for optimum machine safety

Machine safety is a complex issue. Technical measures for machine safety make a significant contribution. Standardization recommends implementing a structured process.
But what exactly might a well-structured process look like?
We will show you what aspects are important, what is entailed and how you can plan and implement such a process in an efficient manner. 


All benefits at a glance

The Safety Evaluation for the IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1 standards lets you assess your machine’s safety functions quickly and easily, and you benefit from the flexibility and convenience of working with the TIA Selection Tool.

Proven benefits

Safety Evaluation with TIA Selection Tool continues the processes that are particularly important for Safety Evaluation: Automatically calculating and drawing up a report for machine safety in compliance with standards.

Additional benefits thanks to TIA Selection Tool

The convenient workflow offered by the TIA Selection Tool optimizes the job of assessing your machine’s safety functions and saves valuable time.

Data interface

Safety Evaluation in the TIA Selection Tool provides neutral VDMA 66413 data interface

Universal data base for safety-related characteristic values. The Safety Evaluation in the TIA Selection Tool makes it possible to import characteristic values from other manufacturers and use them for calculation (as long as the manufacturer provides them in the library).

Importing safety-related parameters

The Safety Evaluation in the TIA Selection Tool can be used to import characteristic values from third party products in VDMA 66413 XML format and use them for calculation. The safety parameters of Siemens products for import into other tools are available as an XML file via the link below.

Unified data interface

The standard sheet VDMA 66413 “Functional Safety – Universal data format for safety-related values of components or parts of control systems” describes a standardized electronic exchange format for safety-related parameters of automation components. The aim of the standard sheet is to provide the safety parameters in a consistent format for calculation tools in the interest of the users. 


Siemens collaborated extensively on defining the universal data format alongside other manufacturers and test agencies, such as IFA (Industrial Safety Institute of the DGUV), TÜV Rheinland, and TÜV SÜD.


Data import into the Safety Evaluation is performed using the menu item „Project“ -> „Import“ -> “VDMA library” which enables users to import third party VDMA 66413 XML files. Of course, it is also possible to enter safety-relevant product data manually.

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