Safety Integrated enables functional safety in the process industry, providing reliable, flexible protection for people, machines, and plant

Safety Integrated for optimum process safety

Functional safety in the process industry, to protect people, plant, and the environment
What is Safety Integrated?

Functional safety in the process industry

Process safety is not only hugely significant due to required international and local safety regulations. Process safety is also mainly the basis for the protection of people, plant assets, and the environment. In addition to plant reliability, availability, maintenance, safety and the protection of investments, functional safety in the process industry is an important key performance factor.

Safety as the basis for continuous plant operation

Protection of people, the environment, and facility assets is the basis for sustainable and responsible business success. Safety Integrated is a comprehensive approach from Siemens towards functional safety in the process industry. That’s why Siemens is constantly working toward improving products and services to provide optimum support for the safe operation of plant processes. In doing so, Siemens helps shape and refine the relevant safety guidelines and regulations. That is the only way to implement sophisticated strategies for plant reliability, availability, asset maintenance, and safety. (RAMS, Reliability Availability Maintenance and Safety).

Overall strategy for process safety in accordance with IEC 61511

SIMATIC S7 Safety Matrix

SIMATIC S7 Safety Matrix

The installation and operation of potentially dangerous plant in the process industry are subject to the international standard IEC 61511 – the standard for the functional safety of Safety Instrumented Systems. The procedure for implementing functional safety is described in this standard in accordance with the safety lifecycle of the plant, which is divided into three phases: analysis, implementation, and operation and maintenance.


S7 Safety Matrix is the management tool for all phases of the safety lifecycle, and when applied rigorously, reduces both investment expenditures and operational expenditures. The SIMATIC S7 Safety Matrix consists of the Safety Matrix Engineering Tool and the Safety Matrix Viewer, which differ in terms of functionality and area of application.

Implement process safety in accordance with IEC 61511 with SIMATIC S7 Safety Matrix

SIMATIC S7 Safety Matrix Tool

Rigorously implement process safety in accordance with IEC 61511


SIMATIC S7 Safety Matrix is the ideal tool for you to create safety logic easily using a Cause&Effect matrix, with no need for programming knowledge. Satisfy process safety requirements in accordance with IEC 61511 and protect your machines, people, and the environment.


Achieve maximum process safety in your production systems using certified products

The safety-related system from Siemens comprises safe controllers, secure bus systems and I/O devices, as well as safe instrumentation. On this basis, we provide you with first-class, comprehensive and integrated solutions for the process industry, combined with outstanding services for all phases in the life of a safety-related system.

Certified, fail-safe automation for the process industry

Fail-safe automation is a key element in the implementation of process safety in your plant. We can provide all the hardware and software you need for functional safety.



For direct integration in SIMATIC PCS 7. Likewise in single and redundant configuration. Systems can be operated purely as safety systems, or even as a combined safety system and BPCS.


Learn more about the SIMATIC PCS 7 CPU 410

System manual




Our SIMATIC ET 200SP HA modular I/O system is highly scalable and impresses with high performance and ease of use. Its compact design and tool-free connection using push-in technology and fixed wiring make space-saving and efficient installation and assembly possible. SIMATIC ET 200SP HA is perfectly adapted for demanding safety and standard applications in the process and discrete industries when high availability and R1 are a must. With the newly available digital F I/O modules the proven advantages of our high-performance I/O system can now also be used in process safety applications.

Safety-relevant software for the process industry

Comprehensive support with Safety Lifecycle Services

You need the appropriate expert knowledge when it comes to safety verification. By using Safety Lifecycle Services from Siemens, plant operators don’t need to accumulate this knowledge themselves or constantly have to adapt to the latest guidelines and technologies. This knowledge is provided along with advanced tools and methods that rule out systemic errors in all phases of your project. This is all the more important since errors in an early project phase are often costly and time-consuming to correct at a later date. Safety Lifecycle Services are part of the services for the process industry from Siemens Engineering & Consulting.

Qualified Solution Partners for Safety Integrated help you implement process safety in accordance with IEC 61511
Solution Partners for Safety Integrated

Find qualified Solution Partners for functional safety

To be able to meet growing demands in the area of safety engineering, we rely on the support provided by selected Solution Partners. These are highly qualified partner companies with thorough know-how concerning the safety lifecycle of IEC 61511, safety engineering with S7 F systems and SIMATIC S7 Safety Matrix, and experience in projects with safety applications in the process industry.


Your nearest Solution Partners

For about 40 years, Siemens has enabled functional safety in the process industry with more than 25,000 systems installed

Rely on expertise in functional safety from Siemens

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installed systems

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Safety Matrix Viewer licenses sold


experience in safety

Safety Integrated is an overall concept for the optimization of safety for personnel, machines, and plant. Siemens assists you in determining the ideal safety solutions and ensuring that you have the necessary level of knowledge to remain constantly up to date, now and in the future. For close to 40 years, our customers in the process industry have put their trust in the experience of Siemens and more than 50 Solution Partners worldwide, and the solutions they have developed.

Use cases

Use cases for Safety Integrated in the process industry

Safety applications play a key role in the process industry. Here are some typical use cases for Safety Integrated in practice.

Seamless integration in DCS or BPCS

The key demands on advanced industrial Burner Management Systems (BMS) for the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, glass, and cement industries are maximum safety, high availability, low maintenance overheads, and seamless integration in the existing DCS structure or, to use the terminology of functional safety, the Basic Process Control System (BPCS). The fail-safe controllers in the SIMATIC range are designed to be configured to maintain the relevant application standards relating to BMS.

Activating alarm and firefighting systems

Fire and gas systems are used mainly in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries, where they activate alarm and fire extinguishing systems if a fire or gas is detected. Siemens enables NFPA-compliant solutions.

Safe emergency shutdown in the event of danger

In the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, and the metal and mining industries, Emergency shutdown systems (ESD) enable plant to be shut down in the event of danger.

Service and support

Professional support for your safety projects

Safety Integrated permits you to reliably ensure optimum plant safety. In order to reach your goals faster and more efficiently, we are on hand anywhere in the world to provide you with advice and assistance, from the initial planning stages through to ultimate decommissioning.

Certified Safety Expert training program

In close collaboration with TÜV Süd, Siemens provides a structured training program for safety professionals. This program certifies participants as Siemens Functional Safety Professionals (SFSP) or Siemens Functional Safety Experts (SFSE). The training program is designed both for employees of the operator (end customer) and for Solution Partners (system integrators).