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We provide advanced AI-driven vision software with superior algorithmic performance to help more businesses participate in the opportunities of AI-enabled robotics. 


Your partner for AI-enabled robotics

We help system integrators and machine builders create advanced and economical robotics solutions to perform grasping and manipulation tasks in unstructured and dynamically changing environments. 

Our products are based on pre-trained deep learning algorithms and are made to enable any industrial robot or cobot to execute previously unobtainable tasks. This is achieved with our intelligent vision software, not with expensive hardware – starting with the ability to reliably pick and place arbitrary objects which are “unknown” to the system at runtime. 

We aim to transform the hardest and most complex problems into easy-to-use products with superior integration in industrial automation. With origins in our SIEMENS Totally Integrated Automation, we are building the world’s first open Robotics AI platform - combining our industrial pedigree with cutting-edge research and global operational footprint. As a market leader for industrial automation, we cooperate with the most recognized research institutes and industry partners.

AI-driven item picking & placing

Simply enabled by SIMATIC

Our advanced vision software enables robots to pick any objects from structured and unstructured heaps at runtime, no matter their shape and size. Our pre-trained deep learning algorithm drives this skill to identify the most suitable 3D picking poses and provide those for robot execution.  

The computation of reliable picking poses is performed in the shortest possible time and enables high-throughput systems without in-box collisions. No additional CAD-based training is required. Our software can already deal with demanding scenarios, even using noisy low-cost 3D vision systems.

We offer a Linux-based SDK running on low-power compute and a Siemens TIA integrated technology package for SIMATIC S7-1500. The second option also has built-in commissioning, operation, and calibration GUI. Depending on your needs, you can select the appropriate 3D vision system, robot arm, and gripper (EOA tool) from our approved partners.

Input Depth and color image from vision system 

Output Reliable picking poses at runtime

Features that will benefit you: 

Out of the box performance
Zero-effort product changeovers through pre-trained deep learning algorithms. No additional CAD-based training is required. 

In-box Collision Avoidance 
Pick poses will be vetted for collision with End-of-Arm tooling, donor bin walls, and other objects in the bin.

High accuracy with challenging tasks

Like tightly packed or reflecting objects even with low-cost 3D vision systems.

Ensure high net throughput
Rapid computation times ensure the highest system throughput.

Ease of use for rapid setup and troubleshooting
Our guided user interfaces are made for engineers in the field.

Designed for low-power computing
To run on cost- and power-efficient industrial hardware.

Integrated into TIA PLC automation
Our unique approach of industrial-grade AI-powered vision software integrated into PLC automation.

The main benefits

of Robotics AI

We enhance humans with technology. Can we improve robotics with human capabilities?

We, as humans, are capable of performing extraordinary tasks. What makes us unique is our imagination and the ability to create novelty. For centuries we have been developing machines to free us from monotonous, dangerous, or extra-human work and increase productivity. But are we really exploiting the full potential today? 

Looking behind the curtain of an automated factory, it became evident that the processes work effectively as long as the decisions follow pre-planned logic. Changing conditions or situations typically means failure and a halt for the machines. Seemingly easy adjustments for us as humans are, in fact, the most complex challenge for automation. 

This is why we facilitate a paradigm shift from traditional to cognitive industrial automation – complementing robotics with our AI skillset for flexibly handling and manipulating objects. Let's explore this potential and enable many new use cases together.

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