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New buildings must satisfy an abundance of requirements: they must be attractively designed, functional and economical in everday use. They must allow flexible use of space and be adaptable to the wishes of individual tenants. The lighting and indoor atmosphere must merge convenience with energy efficiency, and people and assets must be adequately protected against hazards and damage. Today, all these requirements can be met thanks to GAMMA instabus. GAMMA instabus building control offers intelligent solutions and products that help you achieve higher energy efficiency, improved comfort and a healthy environment for the well-being of all building users.

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Touch Control TC5 KNX Award

We have a winner!

The Touch Control TC5 wins the KNX Product Award 2022! Its elegant design, intuitive operation and lots of customization options impressed the people all around the world. Upgrade your building with the award winning all-in-one room operation unit!

Human Centric Lighting in an office

Spot on Human Centric Lighting

Lighting plays a fundamental role in quality of life: it influences how we feel, how productive or creative we are. Indoors, we cannot rely on natural light to support the circadian rhythm we need. But we can rely on human centric lighting to provide us with ideal conditions exactly when we need them.

Latest KNX innovations

All-in-one room operation unit Touch Control TC5

Discover the all-new Siemens KNX Touch Control TC5. We have combined clever technology and elegant design to create smart and productive working environments or providing hotel guests a perfect stay.


Key Features

  • TFT color touch screen 5" (480 x 854)
  • KNX controller with extensive range of functions & integrated temperature sensor
  • Password protection
  • Proximity sensor
  • Customization of wall papers, screen savers and icons
  • LED colored light strip

The new presence detectors WIDE - One room. One sensor. Highest efficiency for perfect places.

Buildings are increasingly intelligent. To turn rooms in buildings into perfect places, intelligent devices are needed – like the new presence detectors, which combine five functions for a pleasant atmosphere and energy savings in the room. The new presence detectors capture data on CO2, temperature, humidity and brightness and thus control not only the illumination systems but also ventilation and heating systems. This creates optimal ambient conditions in the space – for maximum comfort and the highest energy-efficiency.

Room Actuator SSA KNX: You get more

With the new Room Actuator SSA, we bring more functions, more applications, more flexibility and more possibilities. More room actuator. 
Key Features
  • Pre-configured, ready to use out of the box
  • Can be mounted upside down thanks to the IP54 classification
  • LED indicator for early fault detection and erro-free commissioning
  • KNX communications for high flexibility and future-proof

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Trends and Topics

KNX standard for home and building control

Integration with third-party systems

GAMMA instabus from Siemens is based on the worldwide KNX standard for home and building control, which guarantees interoperability with all certified KNX devices on the market.


The KNX technology allows flexible implementation and expansion of both simple as well as cross-discipline solutions in room and building automation according to individual requirements. KNX features in compatible products from more than 400 manufacturers worldwide. By interacting with other systems, it creates unprecedented flexibility not only during the planning phase but also if the room usage changes.


As a leading manufacturer Siemens offers a comprehensive product portfolio consisting of smart KNX devices and enables networked applications.

Your benefits

Discover the benefits of KNX technology

Certified KNX training and digital training options

KNX – the worldwide standard for home and building control – enables ondemand and cross-discipline control of room temperature and energy management as well as lighting and shading. Installed by qualified building control technicians, the intelligent networking of building automation products offers completely new ways to increase energy efficiency, security and comfort.
KNX basic courses
Course description
KNX advanced course with exam
5 days
KNX/IP diagnostics/troubleshooting
2 days
IP basics KNX net/IP
2 days
Lighting, control and  monitoring with DALI-KNX
2 days

Online trainings and downloads

With our wide range of courses and practical trainings on all aspects of KNX, IP and DALI you can gain the extra edge you need to take the lead in the market. For your certified training and future-proof specialization, we offer you a wide choice of courses – from KNX certificate courses like the KNX basic course and the KNX trainer seminar to application-related courses including lighting, control and monitoring with KNX.

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