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In an increasingly digitalized world, buildings must adapt to rapidly changing technologies and expectations. The performance of a building automation system can have a profound impact on its occupants, our environment, and the businesses that depend of them. Creating high performing buildings in a perfect way requires a holistic system that can constantly evolve and provide the right tools for getting the most out of any building. This system has a name: Desigo. Desigo provides the right hardware and software for every level, from field devices to cloud solutions. With the Desigo system it becomes easy to automate, engineer, operate, and manage any high performing building. Desigo is the system for building ideas.

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From field devices to cloud solutions, from hardware to software: the comprehensive Desigo system portfolio comprises everything you need to turn your buildings into high-performing ones.

Ankara City Hospital

Ankara City Hospital, Turkey: A blueprint for future healthcare.

The Ankara City Hospital is one of the largest hospital campuses in the world - and one of the most modern, too. The key point: the seamless integration and central control of 22 hospital subsystems through Desigo CC building management platform. It monitors and controls almost 800,000 data points enabling critical infrastructure to run smoothly - day and night.

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Our holistic approach ensures that all components of the Desigo system are connected seamlessly and work together in an efficient and productive way that takes your buildings to the next level.
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The Desigo system is comprised of building management software, room automation and automation controls, and field devices. Its unique open and modular solution covers all needs of building owners, tenants, facility managers, or operators, and ensures increased productivity, health, and happiness besides keeping users safe and secure.

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