Control high-performing buildings with DESIGO PXC4 and PXC5 controllers

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Control high-performing buildings with the Desigo PXC controllers
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The new Desigo PXC4 and PXC5 controllers allow you to transform buildings into high-performing buildings. Discover how you can enter a new era of automation control. It’s your turn!

Tackle your challenges with a new generation of controllers

There are many challenges for high-performing buildings that can be mastered with the help of the new Desigo PXC4 and PXC5 controllers. These buildings need to intelligently connect field devices, enable quick and easy engineering, be both open and secure at the same time, and provide all the information necessary to optimally manage a building. This calls for a new generation of controllers. It’s time for Desigo PXC4 and Desigo PXC5 controllers – the first of a new range of building automation controllers that expand and strengthen the Desigo system.

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The new generation of Desigo automation controllers consists of the Desigo PXC4 for HVAC plants and the Desigo PXC5 for system functions and integration. Both offer a wide range of benefits for automating small to medium-sized buildings.

Desigo PXC4 BACnet HVAC automation controller

The Desigo PXC4 controller is designed as a compact device with 16 onboard I/Os that can be expanded to a maximum of 40 IOs with additional TX-I/O modules. TX-I/O modules can be directly connected or installed on another location by island bus. The PXC4 has an integrated power supply for up to 4 TX-I/O modules and an RS485 port used for Modbus RTU. You can add as many devices as you like, either on RTU or TCP, up to a limit of 40 Modbus data points. The hardware is ready for future connection of KNX devices by simply installing a firmware update. 


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System controller

The PXC5 is a freely programmable controller used for BACnet system-level functions like alarm routing, system-wide scheduling and trending, and device supervision. It also comes with a web interface for generic datapoint commanding. Two RS485 ports can be configured as either BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU, and Modbus TCP devices can also be integrated. Integration of up to 500 Modbus data points is included. The hardware is ready for future connection of KNX and Mbus devices by simply installing a firmware update.


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Features and functionalities for the future of building automation

The Desigo PXC4 and PXC5 controllers bring a broad range of new functionalities.

Intuitive engineering

Our Desigo engineering framework lets you get things done better, easier, and faster. ABT Site is the engineering tool for the end-to-end engineering and commissioning of Desigo PXC4 and Desigo PXC5. It’s easy to learn and to train, so you can start working with it in just a few minutes. ABT Site also comes with cloud connectivity that uses the available internet connection of a PC or laptop. A standard library provides many function blocks that save lots of time during engineering. In addition, you can expand it with your own customizations. ABT Go is a mobile app that also offers on-site efficiency, especially during installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

Open by design

Both controllers are freely programmable to meet the specific requirements of any project. Their housing size is also optimized to reduce their footprint in the cabinet. Despite the compact size, they come with plenty of I/Os and integration capabilities that can be easily extended to meet the needs of specific projects. Regardless of what protocol you choose to integrate, the workflow remains consistent. The Desigo PXC4.E controller additionally comes with integrated Modbus RTU and TCP interfaces to intelligently connect field devices.

Easy access

PXC4 and PXC5 can create their own hotspot to allow wireless access for ABT Site and ABT Go engineering and commissioning. The hotspot can also be used to access the built-in web interface. Remote operation and engineering of the system can be performed via cloud access*. Remote functionalities will allow both controllers to benefit from current and future cloud applications. 


*subject to regional availability and a valid subscription

Security in mind

Advanced connectivity calls for even higher security. That’s why the controllers provide encrypted communication with the embedded web interface, certificate handling, and signed firmware. The local device hotspot can be permanently disabled or automatically deactivated when not in use. They come with a password protection policy and system hardening with penetration tests, and they’re prepared for BACnet Secure Connect.


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Desigo Engineering Framework

Engineer high-performing buildings

A single framework for maximum efficiency

It’s the perfect match for the Desigo PXC4 and PXC5 controllers: The Desigo Engineering Framework enables you to realize high-performing buildings. It allows to plan, engineer, install, commission, and operate highly reliable and efficient building automation systems.

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