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The evolution from automated to smart and self-adaptive buildings is currently in progress. Smart buildings create environments that can interact with their occupants, learn from them and ultimately adapt to their changing needs. Desigo CC provides the technology backbone for your smart building infrastructure, by providing an open, powerful and up-to-date platform to increase comfort, efficiency, resilience and safety.

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When cybersecurity meets Building Management Systems

When cybersecurity meets Building Management Systems

The more buildings are digitized, the more likely they are to attract cybercriminals. Learn in this whitepaper why it is crucial to safeguard building software and assets against cybersecurity hazards, what role building management systems play in this regard, and how you can benefit from an integrated BMS platform while protecting your building data at the same time.


At the core of smart buildings

Desigo CC is the integrated building management platform for managing high-performing buildings. With its open design, it has been developed to create comfortable, safe and efficient facilities. It is easily scalable from simple single-discipline systems to fully integrated buildings. Desigo CC Compact extends the portfolio with a tailored solution for small and medium-sized buildings. Regardless of the size of the project, from small commercial units to hospitals or even large hub airports, Desigo CC enables buildings to adapt to any present or future requirements, from infrastructures being actively contributors of smart grids to the integration of IoT devices and the incorporation of EV charging stations.

Scalable building management for any project

Desigo CC is a powerful platform based on an open architecture, which clearly simplifies technology integration. It can integrate various systems and devices, automate processes and it is scalable and flexible to meet the requirements of any building or project size. The intelligent building management platform is easy to engineer and it enables a wide variety of systems to communicate and interoperate cohesively via centralized command and control. Desigo CC thus provides the technology backbone for your smart building infrastructure.

Optimized building managementfor small to medium-size projects

Smart buildings don't always need to be big in size and complexity. With Desigo CC Compact, also small and medium-size buildings can benefit from smart building management. The compact building management platform offers the unique breakthrough features of Desigo CC, focusing on functionalities required by small and medium-size buildings. It can be extended when needed, and proves that building management can be simple and at the same time powerful.

The essence of true innovation

State-of-the-art platform

Possible to configure as a combination of different systems, disciplines or applications to meet the requirements of buildings and projects of any size

Optimization of engineering costs and simplification of migration projects with its engineer friendly functions, workflows and migration tools

User friendly operations with its state-of-the art User Interface and remote access using mobile web clients

Standard protocols and interfaces for a truly open system and ease of new integrations

Developed, operated and maintained with security in mind to meet high security requirements 

Desigo CC Ecosystem provides a community for Desigo CC users
Join the community

Discover the Desigo CC Ecosystem

The open design of Desigo CC enables a global community of developers, solution partners, system integrators, facility managers and OEMs to interchange ideas, products and services. The Desigo CC Ecosystem connects programmers and users of Desigo CC, making it easy to exchange custom applications and integrations.

All disciplines on a single platform

Desigo CC is fully modular, scalable and extendable over time so it always meets your system requirements.

An agnostic solution for total integration

Desigo CC is the answer to all questions related to building management of high-performing buildings. It’s open by design and integrates all disciplines on a single platform, from lighting, power, security, fire safety, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning to third-party integration.

Desigo CC for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

To reach individual tenant comfort and optimal air quality, Desigo CC correlates data coming from each device inside the building. By merging the production possibilities of the HVAC equipment with the sensors installed, Desigo CC creates healthy room environments that adapt automatically to any change in conditions. In addition to optimal comfort, Desigo CC reduces power consumption and costs by allocating the ideal amount of resources based on schedule, occupancy and weather forecasts.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

To reach individual tenant comfort and optimal air quality, Desigo CC correlates data coming from each device inside the building. By merging the production possibilities of the HVAC equipment with the sensors installed, Desigo CC creates healthy room environments that adapt automatically to any change in conditions. In addition to optimal comfort, Desigo CC reduces power consumption and costs by allocating the ideal amount of resources based on schedule, occupancy and weather forecasts.

Desigo CC for building fire safety
Fire safety

Desigo CC enables the safety and protection of people and assets. It combines a native integration of fire subsystems with automated actions and assisted event management, to support the operator in an emergency scenario. All relevant information and actions are available from a single source, providing excellent protection during the complete building lifecycle.

Desigo CC for building security

Desigo CC integrates video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection to provide state-of-the-art security. Moreover, the security integration works in harmony to provide 24/7 protection while reducing downtimes and costs caused by false alarms. Regular updates ensure strong defense against new cybersecurity threats.

Desigo CC for building lighting

Desigo CC natively supports multiple lighting control systems, blinds and sensors to provide optimal comfort. Moreover, Desigo CC reduces the strain of artificial lights by providing the ideal illumination and color temperature, automatically adjusted based on the time of the day, the season and the location of the room. A correct balance between artificial lights and occupancy allows to drastically reduce the lighting costs.

Desigo CC for power supply of buildings

With Desigo CC, you can balance energy consumption while ensuring occupant comfort and managing the generation, storage, distribution and consumption of power. By integrating meters and circuit breakers, it is possible to optimally schedule consumers, generator and batteries to reduce peak load and increase system reliability.

Desigo CC third party integration
Third-party integration

The flexibility and open design of Desigo CC simplify the integration and engineering of third-party systems. Multiple integrations are natively supported, ranging from elevator objects to room booking systems. This translate in having dedicated integrations and applications optimized for any project requirement. In combination, it is possible to request or exchange applications and extensions with the Desigo CC Ecosystem.

One platform, various people, countless advantages

Discover the unique benefits of using Desigo CC

Desigo CC helps you master a broad variety of challenges in the management of high-performing buildings.

Increase property value and protect my investments

Desigo CC allows me to integrate all of my building systems – from heating, ventilation and air conditioning to fire safety and security, power, lighting and shading. This interdisciplinary approach enables me to monitor the status of different systems in real-time, exploit synergies, reduce costs and training efforts. Desigo CC also positions me for future growth and changes in the buildings. 


Desigo CC provides the full breadth of application support to ensure that my facilities remain comfortable, productive, and achieve optimal energy and equipment performance. Additionally, it helps to reduce my carbon footprint and offers advanced functionalities to monitor and report CO₂ emissions or performance of energy consumption related to covered space in m² to achieve certifications like LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, thus increasing my building’s value thanks to a green and sustainable image.

Easily adapt my buildings to future needs

Desigo CC is continuously innovated and can easily be adapted to the requirements of building operators, facility managers or occupants. With the latest technologies, user-friendly interfaces, trendsetting features, and regular cybersecurity updates, it is always ready for future challenges. I can add further systems to the building management platform as needed after initial system installation. 


The presence of IoT devices and cloud connectivity is constantly growing in today’s market and it is crucial in the building context. Thanks to Desigo CC’s openness and the Desigo CC Ecosystem, new technologies are implemented with ease and buildings powered by Desigo CC can easily connect to any smart device or cloud application.

A healthy project thanks to Desigo CC
Josu Albiach, CEO of Inarsa, Solution Partner

INARSA was able to provide a complete solution to the end customer

INARSA, a Spanish Solution Partner, has realized a healthy project for a hospital in Valencia, Spain. This includes, among others, a Total Building Solution with Desigo CC integrating fire safety, lighting and HVAC systems into the building management platform. Positive impact: Savings for the Solution Partner in terms of material and integration time, and simplicity for the end customer, who needs to understand and operate only one platform.


Josu Albiach, CEO of INARSA, states: “My experience with Desigo CC has been a success. I have spent years integrating different disciplines into different systems. The Desigo CC tool has allowed me to integrate all disciplines in a simple and harmonized way, reducing engineering hours and subsequent explanations to the End Customer of multiple platforms. In two words: Desigo CC lets me introduce simplicity and savings.”

Reduce engineering and installation time


Desigo CC provides an intuitive and workflow-oriented user interface that makes engineering more efficient. Standardized graphic libraries increase engineering efficiency and provide a distinctive design. In addition, I can customize library elements to match my project requirements.


Online engineering enables to switch easily between the engineering mode and the operating mode allowing to see in a fast way how engineering changes influence on the final result seen by the operator. Moreover, by using configuration wizards, I have a step-by-step instruction to complete with few clicks the most frequently used configuration tasks. This significantly reduces my engineering time as well as system downtimes. 

Scaling up my business

Desigo CC is covering a broad range of applications and markets: building automation, electrical application, fire safety, OEM, and various industries like airports, hospitals, hotels, data centers, pharmaceuticals, etc. This helps me to be very flexible in projects and enables to offer dedicated solutions for various customer demands.


With its wide technological capability and openness, the software allows to match specifications of any project. Finally, thanks to Desigo CC’s openness, the platform helps me generate additional business with IoT, cloud solutions, and future smart space applications.

Reducing operational costs of my buildings

Desigo CC supports me with a coherent and harmonized workflow across disciplines and products, even from third parties. With a homogeneous integration of all disciplines, it is possible to increase efficiency and lower costs for trainings, maintenance of system updates, etc. In addition, daily operations like checking an alarm become simpler with Desigo CC. If an alarm is triggered by one discipline like fire, I can access other disciplines like security, and access with one click a live feed of the relevant room.


Additionally, multiple client options, user groups and profiles, built-in profiles for building automation, fire safety and security users, help me allocate tasks to the right people. For remote and distributed sites, central management with distributed configurations allows monitoring and commanding the system remotely and receiving remote notifications. Thanks to the intuitive cloud application “Event Hub” I can control and react to alarms and events from multiple buildings that are connected to Desigo CC.

Enabling my tenants to reduce energy costs

Desigo CC provides insights into electrical power distribution in buildings that help to optimize their operation. By integrating multiple disciplines and leveraging the flow of information and alarms from each discipline, I can optimize the performance of my building. With synergies across disciplines I can configure the building to provide ideal comfort and efficiency, aided by the many native integrations. For example, with the “Power Manager” and “Energy & Power Reports” features I can obtain deeper insights regarding power quality and stability of energy systems. It collects and transmits the trend series from metering devices and displays them on dashboards. This creates transparency for my tenants, who are interested in their building’s footprint and its contribution to their well-being. 


The Desigo CC Power Manager function supports tracking and optimizing power consumption. Finally, comprehensive advanced reporting options for topics like consumption, load profiles, maximum power, budget, costs, etc. makes relevant values visible to take the right actions.

Spending time in safe, healthy and comfortable environments

Desigo CC allows to integrate multiple disciplines in one single platform, from comfort and lighting to fire safety and security. This covers temperature control, shading, access control, intrusion detection, automatic detection of security cameras, smoke detectors, fire alarms, guided voice in case of alarms, and many more.


All building management disciplines are working in a harmonized way on the same platform and, additionally, can be connected with each other, in order to maximize my comfort and safety. This makes me confident that I am working in a comfortable, safe and secure space.

Intuitive interaction with buildings

Desigo CC provides a web service interface to interact with applications for end users, IoT devices or any other vendor application. Thanks to the many native integrations, Desigo CC allows me to adapt light, room temperature, etc. based on my individual needs. For instance, it’s possible to control Enlighted energy meters to dim the lights, activate emergency lights, energy consumption, etc.  


Additionally, when used with the Desigo system, Desigo CC allows to manage the office layout of a floor on demand. In Desigo CC’s Flexible Room Management editor, rooms can be re-assigned to floor segments when tenants would like to create co-creation workplaces.

Making buildings better – continuously

Desigo CC plays a critical role in creating healthy and self-adapting environments, ensuring high productivity of the people in it. Detailed graphics and assisted event treatment provide more profound insights and enable better decisions. Thanks to its highly optimized and user-centric interface, Desigo CC helps me to improve event management throughout the facility. With the Desigo CC Flex Client web interface, I can do all of that even remotely.

Furthermore, I can monitor fire safety systems and video cameras through centralized controls, which enhances my ability to intelligently respond to events. 


Desigo CC’s assisted event treatment procedures guide me safely through critical tasks step by step and can be configured to be mandatory or optional, depending on the user. With investigative event treatment, one single click lets me navigate through the system to visualize the logged event. A context-sensitive list of related items allows quick and easy access to all information related to any piece of equipment in order to address and solve issues.

Feel confident and react quickly and correctly

Be it multi-discipline or a single discipline, with Desigo CC I have everything under control. For example, I’m able to monitor and control unauthorized entries detected by the intrusion system, initiate lighting, and focus the camera on the location. Even if the alarm is triggered by outside conditions like a storm, the system sends a centralized command to the room systems, opening all blinds, and informing me about window contact status.

Moreover, I can also handle access control and combining with other disciplines like lighting and comfort. For instance, after successful authentication access to the room is granted, lights are activated, and HVAC systems are switched to occupied mode. The system also helps me to react to temporary noxious emissions, for example, from helicopter landing or vehicles at a loading dock: outside air dampers will close in this case, stopping fresh air intake.

Desigo CC is designed to integrate different systems present in the building such as escalator systems, elevators and electrical vehicles charging stations. Thanks to a holistic integration, I am able to monitor and react to events with confidence.

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Desigo CC in action

Desigo CC delivers top notch energy and resource efficiency while maintaining highest building comfort and safety standards. Discover how easy and intuitive a building management platform can be.
Software Upgrade Program

Desigo CC Software Upgrade Program

Always use the latest Desigo CC version

Desigo CC can be updated in order to introduce new features and to increase performance as well as cybersecurity. This also ensures that the software runs on the latest Windows OS versions and receives all patches, hot fixes, and updates. The Desigo CC Software Upgrade Program provides an easy to use license-based way to keep the building management system up to date at all times.

What the latest version has to offer

Get a sneak peak here – and get in touch via the Contact button, if you want to know more details!


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