Desigo CC Compact

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Desigo CC Compact

Expanding the building management landscape

Based on the Desigo CC platform, Desigo CC Compact offers the unique breakthrough features of the building management platform which has been conceived to create the perfect places for its users. The compact version of Desigo CC has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of small and medium-size buildings with regard to functionality. Desigo CC Compact is adaptable and can be extended when needed, proving that building management can be straightforward.
Customer needs

Everything needed is all in one

Smaller buildings can now enjoy the same building management benefits that large buildings have enjoyed for years.
Market size

Satisfying the requirements of small to medium-size projects

Find out how you can satisfy the needs of small to medium-size projects with the state-of-the-art features of Desigo CC Compact.
Software packages

Our offering

Desigo CC Compact has been developed for single disciplines and small to medium-size buildings. The system offers two different software versions to meet customer needs:
Unique on the market

The benefits at a glance

Desigo CC Compact has been developed to satisfy the requirements of small to medium-size projects. It offers all functionalities with great performance and is very easy to use.

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