Simplified HVAC integrations & operations

Improve data access and visibility for better      real-time decision making.

Desigo Optic is a simple, powerful and scalable software solution for visualizing and controlling building automation systems. Powered by FIN Framework, Desigo Optic redefines openness by applying Haystack native semantic tagging for seamless data harmonization and quick access to critical building information, streamlining workflows by 33%. For single-discipline use and scalable to grow with your building needs, Desigo Optic helps you to take building efficiency to the next level in productivity, comfort and health.

Make Smart Buildings even smarter.

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It’s really the best front end we’ve seen from an IT/OT perspective. And what that means for our customers is simple: there’s a single pane of glass and we can all see every piece of HVAC equipment, every zone. As a robust and integrated system, Desigo Optic truly puts an x-ray on the building.
Jerry Edwards, President; E | K Automation

How does Desigo Optic improve building efficiency?

Desigo Optic enables integrators to work with multiple system protocols from a single, intuitive user-interface. Discover how Desigo Optic helps you to upgrade your building.

Features and benefits

  • Open platform with intuitive software built on an openly distributed FIN™ Framework
  • Easy tagging to standardize data for faster implementation, using metadata tags through native Project Haystack that helps to unlock reliable information for better building decisions
  • Seamless integration with major IP-based protocols: BACnet, Modbus, KNX, SNMP and OPC Haystack offers the ability to seamlessly integrate with Niagara framework
  • Better efficiency with best-in-class user experience using Dashboard Builder tool with multiple tree views and drag and drop selection

Truly Open

  • Intuitive software built on openly distributed FIN Framework, redefining open building automation
  • Reducing risk with no vendor lock-in and complete serviceability
  • Leverages Haystack open-source tagging
  • Web-responsive, HTML 5 design accessible by any device
  • Engineered and commissioned from openly available browser, Chrome

Faster Engineering

  • Cut implementation time by more than 33%, with streamlined automated engineering workflows
  • Quick integration of any 3rd party device using BACnet, Modbus, SNMP and OPC
  • nHaystack offers ability to seamlessly integrate Niagara framework
  • Haystack API offers the ability to integrate metadata tags leading to more meaningful data from systems and devices.
  • Create templates based on tagging that associate graphics, histories and alarms
  • Generate custom views and dashboards easily with less clicks due to tagging efficiencies
  • Drag and drop editors enable instant data transparency and real-time building insights

Best-In-Class UI

  • Thanks to the dashboard view a quick overview of the system for visualization is possible
  • Simple, touch-friendly HTML 5-based interface
  • Easy-to-configure holistic reports that provide improved decision making
  • Interactive alarm notification enables quicker user response
  • 2D and 3D graphics to improve the interactions with your building

Improved Scalability

  • Deploy two ways – implement the software from a server or install the CFG3.F200 controller that's embedded with the software
  • Connect multiple Desigo Optic server or devices to a “single pane of glass” central server – for high availability and accessibility
  • Ideal solution for small, medium or large buildings or campuses
  • Flexibility to “right size” your portfolio by modularly scaling one supervisory controller at a time

Secure Remote Access

  • Edge2Cloud provides secure, encrypted remote access to real-time data
  • Eliminates the need for a virtual private network (VPN) to reduce costs
  • Retrieves critical building data instantly from any browser, anywhere in the world without on-site visits
CGG3.F200 conrtroller
For easier scalabiity and more extensive lifecycle

Introducing the CFG3.F200 embedded controller

With Desigo Optic, growing the system is easy. The building automation system can grow with the building – requiring no add-on hardware or system change outs. Via software and a new software-embedded CFG3.F200 supervisory controller, Desigo Optic provides actionable data leveraging a unified tool set that is optimized for efficient workflows to dramatically reduce project complexity around solution implementation.


The CFG3.F200 embedded controller provides a more modular growth process. Each controller is preloaded with a license that can support up to 5,000 data points with the full array of features for Desigo Optic.  These instances of Desigo Optic can be connected to a localized server over Haystack API creating a modular extension of the system.

System Integration

Learn how Desigo Optic enables seamless integration and reduces workflows by 33%

Desigo Optic makes integration and scaling easy and efficient

Desigo Optic, provides a highly-efficient building automation solution with enhanced integration across numerous third-party systems. With Project Haystack semantic data models and tagging features, Desigo Optic offers:

  • Guided engineering workflows for 33% faster integration
  • An easy-to-learn system with less training required
  • Simple creation of graphics requiring less clicks
  • Turn-key trend analysis reports
  • Simple dashboard builder
  • And much more
Powerful building insights

Improve building operation through native tagging standards

Desigo Optic applies Haystack for standardized tagging that helps to simplify the data, leading to more powerful building insights based on real-time data from connected devices and systems. Watch the video below to learn how innovative Haystack tagging makes system integrators lives easier during commissioning with simple, fast migration of accurate data.
  • Reduce complexity and automate data handling to decrease manual data entry
  • Analyze, visualize and derive value from real-time building data
  • Data interoperability simplifies and speeds up engineering workflow during integration
  • Reduce building operating expense and improve building performance

Realize the value of your data.  

Openly available and flexible solutions and communications protocols are key to helping building owners, system integrators, and contractors integrate across their systems to better manage a building’s performance and life cycle.
To learn more, read our new white paper: How to Make Smart Buildings Smarter – Simplified building management with improved data access and visibility across devices through an open standard

Haystack puts meaning and context into real-time building data. The advent of Project Haystack unlocks a streamlined way to work with data through an open source initiative to reduce data complexity and automate data handling for easier and faster building automation software integration. To learn more, read our technical white paper: Simplify Data Collection and Analysis Through Haystack API Open Source Initiative.

Memphis’ Renasant Convention Center

Case study: Transforming operations at Memphis’ Renasant Convention Center with Desigo Optic

As part of its recent $200 million modernization, Memphis Renasant Convention Center and their integration expert, E|K Automation, selected Desigo Optic as the automation for its newly renovated central plant, HVAC systems, and mechanical equipment.


Video Gallery

Watch our video play list and see how Desigo Optic digitally transforms your facility. Learn how Desigo Optic promotes building automation openness, supports scalability, and helps you visualize and interpret real-time building data for better decisions.

  1. Desigo Optic redefining building automation openness
  2. Desigo Optic with Distributed Architecture
  3. Desigo Optic and Haystack Tagging
  4. Introduction to Desigo Optic BAS Software

Webinars on-demand

Using data insights to drive healthy and productive buildings

The impact of occupant health based on indoor air quality (IAQ) can significantly affect a building’s ability to reopen and stay open in the future. Solving these challenges requires a new way of thinking in facility management. State-of-the-art digital building technologies make sense of data stored in devices and systems, reducing data complexity, and automating data handling to deliver real-time building intelligence for smarter, more responsive building decisions that keep occupant health top of mind.

Desigo Optic use cases

Read our brand new use cases to learn how Desigo Optic is being used to improve data access and visibility and enhance real-time decision making.


Desigo Optic for Commercial Office Buildings


Desigo Optic for School Districts


Project Haystack for Desigo Optic Building Management Software

Powered by FIN Framework

About FIN Framework

J2 Innovations is the creator of FIN Framework (FIN) software platform that simplifies smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT. FIN is ideal for OEMs such as Siemens and can integrate, control, manage, analyse, visualize and connect. It was chosen to power Desigo Optic as it is fully browser-based, utilizes Haystack data tagging, provides legacy integration, and is easy to engineer and use. Next to utilizing the FIN platform, Desigo Optic leverages the Application Suite FIN Supervisory & Control, plus additional integrations added by Siemens to further customize Desigo Optic. Harnessing FIN 5.1, Desigo Optic benefits from distributed architecture and a Dashboard Builder App.

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