Create the perfect atmosphere with human centric lighting

People in the office with human centric lighting

Spot on ideal conditions

We spend 90% of our time in buildings. The atmosphere we experience indoors directly impacts our quality of life. Lighting plays an especially fundamental role: it influences how we feel, how productive or creative we are. Indoors, we cannot rely on natural light to support the circadian rhythm we need. But we can rely on human centric lighting to provide us with ideal conditions exactly when we need them.

Technology for optimum conditions

Shine a new light on health and productivity

Modern building concepts can add human centric lighting as the last missing piece to provide a comfortable atmosphere and create environments that are ideally suited for their purpose. Human centric lighting transforms buildings into healthy spaces – and into even more valuable assets.

The right technology to foster well-being

Whether you are looking for cold white light to kickstart your day or warm white light to wind down in the evening, we provide you with the expertise and the technology to create an indoor climate that favours your biological rhythm. Our PXC3 and KNX gateways are DALI-2 certified and provide human centric lighting. This application adapts the white in the light color to the course of the day starting with 2700K in the morning, rising up to 6500K around midday and lowering again to 2700K in the evenings. So just like in nature, the body is visually activated in the middle of the day and prepared for the night by completely removing the blue component of the light in the evening.

The benefits of natural light wherever you want it