Building X

A suite of AI-enabled and open-platform applications that provide superior connectivity, future-proofing your buildings and helping achieve your goals.

Leap into the future of buildings

We support your journey towards smart buildings by increasing sustainability, optimizing performance, and enabling a best-in-class user experience.

Siemens Xcelerator

Accelerating the digital transformation

Siemens Xcelerator is an open digital business platform and marketplace with the ambition to create a powerful ecosystem of partners who can jointly accelerate digital transformation tailored to your specific business goals. Making digital transformation easier, faster and at scale.

Let's break the data silos with Building X

We believe that the solution to the industry challenges lies in breaking data silos. Making data accessible to all stakeholders involved under one user interface, comprising all domains and aspects of building operations and management, and replacing numerous island solutions in an easy and productive way, is bringing you closer to your business goals.

Unlock the power of your buildings

Monitoring and managing properties of different lifespans and systems in a single environment will make you benefit from fund management and sustainability initiatives.

Eliminate complexity with one single platform

A single source of truth to eliminate complexity from digitalization targets. Now, you can digitize your building data from various sources, disciplines and systems on one single platform keeping cyber-security in mind.

Partnering for your success

Our team of building experts develops and delivers a data-driven service program tailored specifically for your individual needs.

Gain AI driven insights

The power of AI helps spot issues in buildings, optimize operational costs, enable early corrective actions with advanced analytics, and forecasting energy consumption based on historical data. 

Designed to empower people

Whatever role you take in building operations and management, you will have the right data and actionable insights needed to meet your KPIs.

Everything at your fingertips

Accessing and processing data into usable analytics from your entire portfolio with insights from a single sign-on will help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

One software suite for all your needs

As a sustainability manager, you use Building X to monitor and meet energy KPIs, drive initiatives, and demonstrate your progress.

With real-time data from your entire portfolio in a single consolidated view, Building X lets you compare the energy consumption, emission data, and water usage or explore trends over time. These insights help identify good practices and direct optimization efforts. AI-based analytics, forecasts, and customized notifications alert you to take action to prevent budget overruns. A commitment to sustainability goals and transparency go hand in hand: Automated reporting and filters for compiling ad-hoc reports keep your reporting quick and straightforward.

Facility managers use Building X to ensure smooth and reliable operations, save expenses, drive efficiency initiatives, and plan smarter.

Anytime and wherever you are, Building X lets you securely monitor and control multiple sites in real-time. Whether you want to look into resource consumption and cost over time or benchmark buildings, the interactive charts in Building X make exploring data easy. With secure and remote access to the building’s control and management systems, you troubleshoot remotely, track unusual behavior, set thresholds to prevent budget overruns and alerts that call for human intervention.

As a security manager, you use Building X to balance budget and compliance needs to ensure the safety and comfort of the people who use them.

Comprehensive and easy to grasp, Building X helps monitor, track, compare, and visualize access, occupancy, and utilization across buildings and sites. You manage identities, privileges, on- and offboarding from a single dashboard. Usage outliers and alerts are logged and analyzed for safety reports and preventive maintenance. Analytics and security packages add layers of protection against cyberattacks, ensuring the security and compliance necessary to satisfy the rising demand for safe remote and hybrid work.

Real-estate managers use Building X to create measurable impact and demonstrate commitment to providing safe, secure, and sustainable spaces.

Using the Building X dashboard, you access and analyze performance data from sources across your portfolio, keep an eye on budgets and resource use, and can compile meaningful reports for finance or HR anytime and wherever you are. You use virtual tours to introduce people to new premises and workspaces. With data on all operational drivers available at the tips of your fingers, you are in the position to not only safeguard business continuity but ensure the company has the right amount of desirable space at the right time for the right price.

IT managers use the capabilities of Building X to reduce complexity in their IT infrastructure while integrating new vendors and solutions.

With the easy hard and soft connectivity of Building X, you simplify the integration of solutions. A fully documented API portfolio tells you which APIs are available and what they can do. You monitor and manage API access and API usage while ensuring secure data exchange through standardized authentication. Full transparency helps you monitor and manage the productivity and cost of your IT. Supported by infrastructure intelligence, you make strategic decisions for architecture and processes that drive value for your organization.

As an application engineer, you use Building X to future-proof software solutions and business applications and boost their operational efficiency.

With easy and secure access to building data from the cloud, you speed up the design, development, and testing of new and existing software applications. Up-to-date data, user-friendly reporting, and intuitive dashboards help you spot and resolve malfunctions faster. Comprehensive documentation, sample code, and tutorials support your process. Combine building data and data from other vendors in applications to meet specific stakeholder needs. As a single source of truth, Building X supports your collaboration with internal and external developers. Its vendor-agnostic connectivity makes it easier to resolve integration issues.

Accelerating the digital transformation of your buildings

Scalable and modular, our open platform offers a suite of AI-enabled applications and vendor-agnostic connectivity. It helps building owners and managers connect real estate assets and bring them into the cloud to form a silo-free environment. It accelerates the sustainability and performance of these smart and networked properties and enhances the experience of the people who work in and for them.

One interface, multiple possibilities

Different applications support you in performing your daily tasks and to create tangible business outcomes. Our applications have been designed to support all your business goals while being easy to navigate through. They will enable you to ensure your business is future-proof, to ensure emission targets are met, to optimize operational efficiency, reduce cost and ensure a secure environment for your employees.

Integrate into your systems

Our featured APIs make it possible to access various sets of building data and allow customers, developers, and solution partners to create new applications based on their own needs and workflows. The integration platform comes with built-in analytics services, which can be enriched with customized analytics for additional insights. 

Siemens Xcelerator Building Services

Your goals. Your journey. Your results

Aside from the SaaS model of BuildingX, you can also opt for an end-to-end program of Siemens Xcelerator Building Services, which will be enabled by Building X. This allows you to rely on Siemens to achieve you targets. In this model, Siemens leverages a combination of its technology, paired with the expertise of its digital building professionals. The programs are customized to achieve pre-defined outcomes, such as reducing operating and energy costs, optimizing asset performance for uptime and productivity, meeting regulatory requirements, or enhancing the occupant experience. 

What our customers say

“Building X will not only help us modernize our buildings but also support our company to reduce its costs and increase efficiency with its cyber-secure solutions while overall making us ready for future challenges.”
Ville Kautto, SYK

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