Critical Environment – Technology manual

Critical Environment Technology manual

This manual describes the Critical Environment Technology (CET) components and uses many application examples to demonstrate how individual solutions can be implemented.

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Critical Environment Technology is a range of reliable air volume flow controllers and supplementary components for the secure, precise, and fast measurement, control, and monitoring of air volume flows and room pressures in buildings. CET can be easily integrated into building automation systems. The overall system provides maximum efficiency, cost effectiveness, and security.

Buildings used for tasks related to research, development and storage in the life sciences must meet unique requirements. To comply with the strict regulations designed to ensure occupant health and safety and production and storage requirements, a highly specialized technological infrastructure must be implemented and maintained.


Find out how Siemens can help protect people and assets from high-risk substances, avoid unauthorized access or intellectual property loss within the life science industry. Learn how to enhance your building performance – and ultimately create the perfect place for you to achieve your business goals.