Webinar: Remote Operations Services

Webinar: Remote Operations Services

Increase business continuity and reduce risks of your building

What is it about?

Improving building performance and reducing risk of downtime translates into protecting building occupants and reducing costs, and they all start with a remote connection. The right set of digital and data driven services will bring you several opportunities and tangible results. 


Join the webinar and learn more about:


  • how to increase operations efficiency and transparency of your building
  • how to enhance security and get a faster response to any issue
  • how to reduce operational costs and technical personnel on-site

Siemens experts are addressing these topics and sharing hands-on use cases and solutions. We're looking forward to having you!


How to access the webinar:

The live webinar was recorded and is available on demand. Please register below and access the recording via the link sent to you by email.

Our speakers


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