White paper: Commercial benefits of cloud solutions for HVAC OEMs and installers.

How digitalization and cloud connectivity drive growth.

The market for HVAC systems is set to grow.

Digitalization and cloud connectivity will play key roles in this growth as they reshape traditional business models and impact everything from CRM, invoicing, maintenance and manufacturing to inventory management, account management and project management.


Cloud solutions are positioned to do more for HVAC OEMs and installers than just react to alarms. They are now offering tangible value-add and levels of scalability that promise to have a real impact on creating new business opportunities. But few OEMs have taken the essential step of connecting to the cloud. In fact, research shows that less than 8% of primary HVAC equipment sold in the EU is cloud enabled. Furthermore, the connectivity rate for most field device categories is less than 1%.

This paper explores how digitalization and cloud connectivity are likely to transform the industry and illustrates ways in which HVAC OEMs can benefit.


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Document length: 11 pages