White paper: Fire protection strategies for lithium-ion battery cell production

From cell phones to laptops and electric vehicles - the Li-ion battery has found its way into a wide range of applications and global demand is growing exponentially. However, producing such batteries is not without danger. New fire hazards and unfamiliar environments are particularly challenging. In collaboration with TÜV SÜD and Aachen University, Siemens have created this white paper to provide an integrated perspective on fire safety side in the production of lithium-ion battery cells. The ambition of this paper is to provide fire safety insights about the most critical process steps in battery cell production, with a particular focus on formation and aging.


Reading time: 20 minutes

Document length: 8 pages


Key learnings:

  • Get insights into the most critical production steps of li-ion battery cells and associated fire hazards
  • Get a comprehensive Fire Safety concept for the formation & aging phase of battery cell production