White paper: Disruptions to hard disk drives caused by inert gas extinguishing systems ‒  analysis and measures for the safe operation of data storage systems.

Data centers are the indispensable backbone of today’s online society. The failure of a data center causes significant problems in a very short time. As a result, the most important objective in data centers is to ensure maximum availability and protect it from fire.


For data centers and server rooms, automated gas extinguishing systems are highly recommended, as the gases they use do not harm sensitive electronic equipment. However, hard-disk drives are noise-sensitive and prone to disruptions, during discharge of such automated extinguishing systems. In response to this problem, Sinorix Silent Extinguishing Technology was developed, which significantly lowers the noise level during gas discharges and keeps your data safe, even in case of a fire.


Reading time: 35 minutes

Document length: 29 pages


Key learnings from this white paper:

  • Get a comprehensive overview about Silent Extinguishing Technology for inert gas extinguishing systems and the newest innovations
  • Get insights on the test reports for determining the sound level of extinguishing nozzles and learn more about the enormous differences in the measurement methods used and in their significance