Digital building lifecycle

Digital solutions for the entire building lifecycle

Buildings are talking. Through digitalization and the IoT, every system and component within a building is creating massive amount of data. That data can be collected, analysed and allowing for actionable insights learnt from. As a result, it’s helping to create buildings that are safer, more secure, more efficient and resilient. Buildings which continuously interact, learn and adapt to create environments that care. Across the entire digital building lifecycle – from idea, design and construction to operation – by using synergies between Building Twin and BIM, we are in position to collect and analyze data for greater performance and efficiencies

BIM and Building Twin synergies

  • A BIM model and its libraries contain up to 95% of all information needed by the Building Twin
  • BIM is the process that delivers Building Twin
  • Building Twin in combination with BIM is aiming to provide efficiency savings in the planning and commissioning processes
  • Building Twin plays multiple roles across the BIM process, and its benefits grow exponentially in the operations stage of the building where it enables a multitude of services

Building data management

Application and Process

Green Quadrant IoT Platforms for Smart Buildings

Green Quadrant IoT Platforms for Smart Buildings

A recent report from independent research firm, Verdantix, provides an in-depth analysis of IoT platforms for smart buildings.

Buildings of tomorrow - the smart buildings podcast

Buildings of tomorrow - the smart buildings podcast

Exciting discussions on industry trends and the innovations which make buildings safer, sustainable, and deliver more productive and healthier environments.


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