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Siemens Campus Zug – a perfect place to work
Siemens Campus Zug – a perfect place to work

Unlock your business potential with smart buildings

#CreatingPerfectPlaces. The digital enterprise is already a reality, and companies are pursuing its benefits and opportunities through the digital transformation, which requires seamless integration of data along the value chain. Turning this data into value is a critical success factor. While it’s true that buildings today should be efficient, reliable and safe – these elements alone don’t enable businesses and empower people the way a true smart building can. Smart buildings are unlocking the potential by taking a more people-centric approach. Sensors in buildings and energy systems share their data with us and, combined with a digital twin of the building and using applications, can be analysed to optimize building operation. This results in customers’ advantages such as higher energy and equipment efficiency, better space utilization as well as enhanced user efficiency, comfort and safety. With our unique mix of people, technology and services, complimented with recent acquisitions we provide a solid foundation to enhance your building performance with the power of data – and ultimately create the perfect place for you to achieve your business goals.

Nachtskyline mit digitalem Layer, der die Digitalisierung von Gebäuden mit Menschen, Technik und Dienstleistungen zeigt.
Digitization and AI in Building Automation, Construction and Real Estate

Buildings and Beyond

The business of firms in building automation, construction and real estate will experience substantial changes in the years to come. Digitization and artificial intelligence basically affect all industries to different degrees.


Turning data into tangible value

Market focus

A perfect place is a place that’s perfect for a purpose

A perfect place to preserve Australia’s heritage

A perfect place to keep the past with the help of the future

Museums Victoria is Australia’s largest public museum organization. At six sites, innumerable artifacts tell the stories of Australia’s history.

Museums Victoria is entrusted with the task of preserving Australia’s history. As a publicly funded organization, they need to fulfill this role as economically as possible.

Siemens worked very closely with the client during the tendering phase to understand what Museums Victoria is doing for their business, what matters most to them and what outcomes they want to achieve.

A Detailed Facility Study at each of the six sites identified opportunities to reduce operating costs and emissions. Navigator, the cloud-based energy and sustainability platform, allows building managers at Museums Victoria to understand exactly what their buildings are telling them – and operate them as efficiently as possible. With HVAC, lighting and water efficiency upgrades, Museums Victoria has already reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent and electricity costs by 32 percent. These reductions will pay for themselves in seven years. So energy waste is now history – and with an approach as thorough as this, Australia’s history is in good hands.


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