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Products, applications and tools enabling the creation of high-performing buildings

Siemens engineering software, together with a range of products and applications, enables the creation of high-performing buildings. In particular, it allows to plan, engineer, install, commission and operate highly reliable and efficient automation systems. We provide you with the right tools during the whole building’s life cycle to make sure that you are as efficient as you can get.

Get your project started the right way

Searching for the right HVAC products for your plant? Check how the HIT portal can help support you with this task.

The HIT Portal makes your search for the right products easier and less time-consuming.

Using its library of over 400 preconfigured HVAC applications for standard controllers, HIT will provide you with a comprehensive specification: This typically includes a plant diagram, list of material, technical documentation for each device, as well as pricing.


Efficiency and quality: tried and tested

We make sure an idea on paper also works once installed.

Application templates customizable to your needs

Customizing our proven application templates could not be easier thanks to ABT Site: simply select what is needed from the drop-down lists for each item, for example, to select the desired room unit or valve control type. Benefit from lab tested experience.

Fast graphics creation

Need to visualize the equipment in your building? Graphics creation for Desigo Control Point and Desigo CC is accelerated thanks to an extensive library. Graphics matching to our application templates are automatically adjusted based on your selected configuration. Additional changes or new graphics can be created from scratch using an extensive symbol library and intuitive workflow.


Installation made easy

Get your devices installed right from the very beginning! In addition, devices themselves are able to check and confirm their own installation.

Product data at your fingertips

Searching for a data sheet or installation guide? Simply scan the 2D code, which can be found on the product with Scan to HIT and get access to technical documents and specifications for thousands of products. Available in the Apple App store and Google Play store now.

Programming in one-click with ABT Go

Reduce the time spent doing repetitive tasks. If you have configured one device correctly and want the same configuration elsewhere, ABT Go has you covered. Using a simple copy-paste action, it is possible to replicate the functionality of one device to another, even when the two devices are not physically connected. A time saving solution for projects with, for example, multiple Heat Recovery Ventilation units.

Simplified installation with plug-and-play

Devices using KNX PL-Link receive all the installation benefits of a standard KNX device without the need of using ETS to configure them. KNX PL-Link has been optimized so that plug-and-play functionality is available with automatic device recognition. This greatly simplifies the installation process.

"Our engineers can now test and check things themselves in an easily accessible way, which takes the quality of our work to a higher level. It also allows us to do more work with fewer people. We needed licenses for the testing and commissioning tools we used to work with. This is no longer the case." 
Sebastiaan Slof, head of control and measurement technology at ULC Installation Group

Get devices up and running faster

Speed-up your commissioning process with Siemens user-friendly ABT Go app

Fast and convenient point testing

Trying to keep track of your commissioning progress? ABT Go is a user-friendly app that makes point testing fast and efficient. Simply download the app, connect to the wireless network, discover the devices and start testing. Once complete, the test results can be exported and shared using any communication or storage app on your device. 

High quality progress documentation

As part of the point testing procedure in ABT Go, it is possible to attach photographs, using the device’s native camera. These pictures can then be included in the exported commissioning report, providing the best documentation to quickly resolve any defects.


Day-one building performance guaranteed

We offer outstanding flexibility in operation to maintain highest efficiency of your building

Operation made easy with ABT Site     

Buildings and their usage are constantly changing. ABT Site makes it possible to keep the building running as designed. For example, changing the room unit for a Desigo Room Automation controller to have local control. Thanks to PL-Link, the installation is simply swapping one for the other, and the engineering is a change of selection from a drop-down box and download.

Tools at a glance

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