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HVAC optimization

A smarter way to achieve your business goals
Transforming your business operations

Are hidden operational shortcomings costing your business?

Inefficient chilled water and air distribution systems can lead to significant energy wastage. Unexpected failure of those systems can result in significant capital outlay. But these outcomes can be avoided by focussing on the optimization of chilled water and air distribution systems in the first place.

HVAC optimization can transform your operations

Introducing technology that improves daily operations reveals a tremendous potential for energy savings and operational improvements. An engineered approach to optimizing both your chilled water and air distribution allows your systems to respond more effectively to demand, and to deliver energy where it’s needed – all without sacrificing savings or building comfort.

Inefficient operations could be costing your business

A poorly maintained chiller uses about 30% more energy than necessary on an annual basis to achieve the same comfort settings as an efficiently running system.

In many facilities, more than 50% of annual electricity use can be attributed to building chillers alone. That amounts to thousands of dollars each year every business spends on energy that could be used to drive the business forward.


Demand Flow® from Siemens

Demand Flow® is a patented and proven chiller plant system optimization technology from Siemens. It optimizes all energy consuming components controlled by system algorithms.

Demand Flow® takes a holistic approach to optimizing HVAC operations to help reduce energy costs, ensure ongoing operational efficiency, and support healthy financial returns and long-term value. We can deliver immediate results through our automated technology and built-in analytics that alleviate constraints on your internal resources while extending equipment life.
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Turn data into results across your entire building portfolio

Siemens brings powerful data acquisition and analytics capabilities that help inform appropriate real estate decisions – from lease re-negotiation to asset acquisition or divestment strategies. At its core, you’ll find Navigator, the cloud-based energy and sustainability platform. Our experts draw from the building analytics it unlocks and from their profound expertise in building operations and energy management. They continually identify, benchmark and prioritize new improvement opportunities for building efficiency programs. It all starts with the right data. The right data becomes opportunity. The right opportunities drive results.


Building efficiency in action

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